15 Problems That All Tidy People Have To Deal With


So, you like to keep things neat and clean.  There isn’t anything wrong with that!  It’s the way things are meant to be!  But, not everyone understands that there is a method to your madness…and also that you are the sole reason that things stay clean.  Man, it’s a rough life.  Here are 15 problems that all tidy people have to deal with.

1. You live your life constantly pushing chairs in

I don’t understand why people can’t just push their chairs in to the table when they’re done.  It’s really not that difficult.  You’re the person that goes around the restaurant as your party is leaving and pushes in all the chairs.


2. You sometimes feel like you have to follow people around, cleaning up after them

You find yourself unconsciously following your husband around the house with dust pan to clean up his crumbs that are left everywhere or you go behind the baby with a burp rag to wipe up any possible spills.


3. You’re the one who actually throws away empty packages

The counters start to build up with crap that’s been used or is needless and yet, there it stays for months.  Until you throw it away.  Why must you suffer so much?


4. You can’t comprehend why people put empty containers back in the refrigerator

It makes you literally want to scream.


5. You can’t relax in a messy room

You must resist the urge to stand up and start organizing.  That’s why you have that awful tick in your eye.  You can’t even handle this right now.


6. Are you the only one who sees all the messiness?  Is everyone else blind to it?

You’re definitely the only one who seems to do anything about it.  Whatever happened to cleaning up after yourselves, people?


7. You’re still not satisfied when other people clean up

It’s not usually to your standards of excellence in cleanliness. That should be, like, an award they give in school or something.


8. You can’t leave your house in the morning without making your bed

Well, that’s just a good habit your mother must have taught you, right?


9. You’ve had quite a lot of practice at trying to sound super casual, when actually it’s the third time you’ve asked someone to take the garbage out

“You know, if you wouldn’t mind, you’re on your way out anyway, so…”


10. Sometimes you have to resort to leaving passive aggressive messages

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do to get stuff cleaned up.


11. …and then you just end up doing it yourself and you try to rationalize it because you kind of like tidying up

Whatever.  I like cleaning, so it’s ok.


12. People just blame it on your OCD tendencies

It’s not your fault that every little thing needs to be just so.


13. You get seriously grossed out by old food in sinks

I honestly cannot understand how you can just let that sit there and it doesn’t bother you at all. Ugh.


14. It irritates you when people dump all their stuff on your tables

Please, put your crap elsewhere.


15. And you mostly just try really not to judge messy people

*She’s horribly messy and dirty but she’s still a good person, right? Right.