15 Problems That All Tidy People Have To Deal With


So, you like to keep things neat and clean.  There isn’t anything wrong with that!  It’s the way things are meant to be!  But, not everyone understands that there is a method to your madness…and also that you are the sole reason that things stay clean.  Man, it’s a rough life.  Here are 15 problems that all tidy people have to deal with.

1. You live your life constantly pushing chairs in

I don’t understand why people can’t just push their chairs in to the table when they’re done.  It’s really not that difficult.  You’re the person that goes around the restaurant as your party is leaving and pushes in all the chairs.


2. You sometimes feel like you have to follow people around, cleaning up after them

You find yourself unconsciously following your husband around the house with dust pan to clean up his crumbs that are left everywhere or you go behind the baby with a burp rag to wipe up any possible spills.