15 Reasons Why You Should Be Grateful For Military Veterans


Veteran’s Day is a day that we celebrate all those wonderful soldiers who, have done, and continue to do so much for us.  We wouldn’t be able to enjoy our freedoms without them and the incredible sacrifices they make.  Here are 15 reasons why you should be grateful for military veterans.

1. They serve willingly

These vets are not forced into military service, they do so out of love and duty to country.

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2. Their sacrifices are truly great

So great, that sometimes their lives are required in the pursuit of freedom and justice.  May they rest in peace and may their families hearts be comforted.

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3. They leave home behind to answer the call of duty

They may have a family back at home, but they are willing to deploy, to leave suddenly to protect our freedom.

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4. They are both the old and the young

We have war veterans in our nation dating back to WWII, which makes some of these great men close to 100 years old.  We also have young veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting against crimes of terror.

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5. They are noble and loyal

Those who dedicate their lives to the service of their country are of a high breed.  They are willing to fight and to die for us.

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6. We will never understand what they go through in combat

Some will never tell of the horrors they have witnessed and others will seek help to get past debilitating scares.

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7. Women are often under-served

Women who serve in the military sometimes have a harder time getting back into civilian life because there are fewer job opportunities for them.

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8. Families make sacrifices too

Spouses, parents and children of members of the military often go long periods without seeing their loved ones.  They miss them so much more than we will ever know.

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9. Military members sign on to serve

They don’t have any control over where the military sends them, for how long or when.  It can be hard to put down roots when you’re constantly moving.  But, these members are here to serve and protect a nation.

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10. Their jobs are perilous

Being in the military isn’t usually just a desk job…there can be so much more involved and it’s usually dangerous. 

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11. They’re the first boots on the ground

They go to  places most people would never dare step foot in, all to protect the innocent and give liberty to those in captivity.

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12. They endure rigorous training

Military members go through training and battle, which can seem like going straight through hell and back.

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13. At any cost

These men and women serve, despite the losses they may encounter.  No one could ever understand what it feels like to lose a companion right next to you.

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14. Their bodies may get wounded, but not their spirits

They boldly conquer life after suffering injuries and setbacks.

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15. They represent us and we should honor them

These men and women want freedom for all.  They are few in number, but bold in stature.  These loyal patriots protect our nation.

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16. If you are a US veteran…

From the bottom of our hearts– thank you for all you do and all you have done.

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