15 Reasons Not To Make a Crash Diet Part of Your New Year’s Resolution


If you’ve already made your way to a gym in the early days of the New Year or wandered through a health food store, you know that a significant number of people have made “lose weight” or “get back in shape” their New Year’s Resolution. Weight loss franchises and diet communities make astronomical amounts of money in January, a good amount of which is earned through the marketing of unhealthy, ineffective fad diets.

While the claims made by these diet hawkers might seem incredible, it is important to remember that when it comes to developing your health, anything that sounds too good to be true almost definitely is.

Here are fifteen reasons to avoid a crash diet and commit to getting healthy the old fashioned way:

1. They’re Ineffective

When it comes to a fad or crash diet, there’s a really good chance you won’t see any results at all.


2. They’re Unhealthy

Many fad diets require that you limit or cut out entirely some of the most basic nutrients we all require to function properly.