15 Reasons Why Aquaman Is The Ultimate Bad-Ass


Some people– okay most people think Aquaman sucks, that “He can only talk to fish and breathe underwater.” First of all, he’s the King of the sea. In case you guys haven’t realized, he rules 70% of the world. He’s fought evenly with Wonderwoman and sunk half of Europe. So pissing off this guy might not be the good idea. But here are 15 reasons why he can beat yo ass.

Superhuman Strength

Aquaman can lift well over 100 tons, and he is able to toss tanks, push tectonic plates downward onto a trench, lift a cruise liner, support a building, and can go a few rounds with the Man of Steel.


Superhuman Speed and Reflexes

No one can beat Aquaman in swimming, even Michael Phelps. He can easily surpass Mach 5. Much like the Flash, he is also able to dodge gunfire and even lightning and he can un-arm opponents without them realizing it.



 Marine Telepathy

Okay, to finally clear things up, Aquaman does not talk to fishes. Rather he can telepathically communicate and control with sea creatures to do his bidding. This means he can summon dolphins, whales, sharks, the Kraken. He can even summon Cthulhu.


 Superhuman Durability

Aquaman has a unique physiology; he has tougher skin, harder bones, and he can withstand forces that would kill normal humans, such as the extreme pressures of the deep sea, explosions, gunfire, and punches from a Kryptonian.


 He commands an army of high-tech warriors.

He’s the king of Atlantis, a race of superhumans that has technology that is several times more advance than anything known to the surface world military. They can go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman’s Amazon warriors.


 Expert Combatant

Aquaman is exceptional in martial arts, trained in the Atlantean Army and has also trained with other Justice League members.


 Gifted Tactician

He has natural leadership skills, having led his army into battle multiple times, as well as leading the Justice League.




King of the Seas

Being the King of the Ocean, he is the monarch with the most power in the world, controlling over 70% of the planet.



He wields the Trident of Neptune

Aquaman carries some serious bling. His trident is an indestructible, magical weapon that grants him powers and the right to rule the seven seas. It gives him the power to manipulate water, control the weather, and disperse energy to form bolts and forcefields. And plus it’s great at cookouts.



 He fights legendary sea monsters on a regular basis

Don’t get me wrong, I love Batman, but his enemies are all just regular humans with personality disorders. Aquaman battles “Night Gods,” who are basically ancient monsters that try to invade the planet through magical doorways; that and he also helps out his Justice League friends fight super-powered weirdos.



He has saved our world and other worlds (across time and space.)

On one of Aquaman’s adventures he was sent to planet Neptune on the 853rd century, where he saved the entire planet from an alien menace. He was also sent back to Ancient Greece, where he enjoyed the life of a God (people willing to do your every whim, you can get whatever you want) where he helped the people in great battle until finally going back to his own time. The only thing I don’t get is “why the hell did he even want to go back?”



He played with deadly sea creatures when he was a kid

The usually kid pet were dogs, cats or turtle, little Arthur had a different array of animals to play with. To hone his power of marine telepathy, his father placed him in dangerous situations where he needed to use his powers to avoid injury (talk about dad of the year.)



One of the founders of the Justice League

When you say Justice League, people often think about Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern. But Aquaman was one of the original team, and has been in it through its countless incarnations. When most of the members of the Justice League where under the mental control of the alien race called the Debris, it was Aquaman who led the handful of heroes to defeat the alien menace.



He’s fought Gods, and even beat up Death.

On more than one occasion, Aquaman has fought Triton (the son of Poseidon.) He never liked that Aquaman was considered the “King of the Seven Seas” and has tried to humiliate him countless times. (Jelly much?) In one story, Triton sent his father into the underworld and caused havoc on Earth. Aquaman then went to the underworld, where he met Charon (the ferryman of the dead and the Greek equivalent of the Grim Reaper) and punched Charon in the face and run him over with his boat. He then took down Cerberus, and talked Hades into releasing him and Poseidon.



His wife is HOT! Oh, and also super powerful.

That my friends is Mera, queen of Atlantis. This smokin’ redhead can also manipulate water like her husband, but she can do all of this without the power of the Trident of Neptune.



He’ll throw a bear at you!

In a story published in 1942, a group of poachers were hunting seal for their fur. When Aquaman heard of this and quickly went to the scene. When he saw the poachers, he crosses paths with a polar bear. A multi tasker as he is, he solves both problems by hurling the polar bear at the hunters. Don’t piss the guy off!