15 Reasons You Don’t Miss Junior High


For most of us, middle school is the most awkward time in our lives.  Our bodies are changing, our hormones are kicking into gear, and we’re overly emotional and dramatic.  If you went to middle school in the late 90’s or 2000’s, all of these points will ring true for you.  Here are 15 reasons you don’t miss junior high.

1. Middle school dances

Either the boys and girls were too afraid to mix or everyone coupled up and you were left there in the middle all alone.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 2.25.04 PM

2. Knowing when was enough when putting on perfume or cologne

This is the age when boys experiment with Axe and girls put on waaayyy too much Love Spell by Victoria’s Secret.


3. Having a limited number of text messages each month

Srsly dont txt me.  Running out of texts before the end of the month was like the ultimate punishment.  Especially if you really wanted to text back and forth with a cute boy.


4. Your sexual awakening

Your first kiss or make out session probably happened in junior high.  We’re also guessing that it wasn’t very good.


5. You wanted that Juicy Couture track suit so bad

All the hottest girls wore Juicy Couture thanks to Laguna Beach and Paris Hilton.  Plus, it was like the softest thing ever!


6. The only reason you wanted to be a cheerleader (besides being popular and getting attention from boys) was so you could shamelessly wear Soffe shorts

Those short cotton shorts weren’t acceptable by anyone, except cheerleaders.


7. Wearing shrug sweaters

Because why would you wear a whole sweater when you could wear half of one?


8. Trying to beat records on Dance Dance Revolution

This was the only movement game at the time (no Wii yet) so we had to make do.  But, you were mocked mercilessly if you couldn’t come through on DDR.


9. Sweaters with thumbholes

Because it’s not cool if you don’t have a special place to stick you thumb through.


10. Abercrombie and Hollister cloth totes

All the cool girls used these instead of backpacks…even though you could only fit a quarter of the stuff in those bags, that was the cool thing to have.


11. Thick headbands

This was the chic way to keep your hair off your face. If you could rock a patterned headband, then you got double points.


12. Chunky highlights

Middle school was the time to experiment with your hair.  I mean, if you already had glasses, braces, and bad skin, why not play with your hair to see what made you look the best?


13. Baggy pants

For guys, it was like the baggier your pants were, the cooler you were.  Guys would also slouch their pants low, so their boxers hung out and that was supposed to be cool or something.


14. Uggs and mini skirts

This was another hot fashion that one had to wear to be seen as ‘cool.’  We’ve since recovered from our seasonal confusion. Why would anyone wear a mini skirt in the winter time and why would they wear Uggs in the summer?


15. Writing handwritten notes to your friends with complicated folding patterns

Because writing a note for your BFF and then folding it up all cool, was the cool thing to do.