15 Signs You’re A Broke College Student


Ah, college.  The time of freedom, finals, and…no funds.  It’s the happiest, most broke time of your life. Here are 15 signs you’re a broke college student.

1. You know you’re broke when you eat Ramen every day

Just keep slurping down those “oodles of noodles,” bud.


2. Studying isn’t fun…but at least it’s cheap

To the library we go!


3. Free meals are not only appreciated, they’re necessary

So if you want you activity to be filled with people, offer free food.


4. Whenever you find cheap booze, take advantage of that

Because you never know when you’ll be able to get that stuff again


5. You’re willing to do anything to score some cash

What? Nobody likes having an empty bank account.


6. Broke friends are the best of friends

They totally get it when you can’t afford to go to that hot new club and they’ll eat left-overs with you every day without complaint.


7. You’ll go through a period of desiring more out of life

But life is just teaching you patience and how to life on less.


8. You’ll solicit money from anyone who’s willing to give it

This is especially true for those two wonderful parents of yours who have plenty.


9. When your friends want to go out to an expensive restaurant

We just can’t be doing that all the time.


10. But, really you just want to go to the expensive place

It sounds like so much fun!


11. You may not own a business but you’re in a whole lot of debt

Sometimes you feel like you’re going to be poor forever.


12. When you have to give yourself a budget to live on

Have you tried living off of a penny a week?  It’s not easy!



13. You take matters into your own hands regarding health care

Ain’t nobody got time (or money) to go to the doctor!


14. Someday you’ll graduate

And then you’ll have to pay back all that day you accumulated. Ugh. Life sucks.


15. If you think post-graduation will be better, think again

I mean, you won’t have to worry about school anymore.  You’ll just be working your life away in a job you don’t like very much that doesn’t even pay a whole lot.  Welcome to real life.