15 Signs You’ve Almost Reached The Ripe Old Age Of 25


Growing up can be really scary!  You realize that you’re no longer a child, or even a fun-loving teen and you can’t claim being in college anymore either.  You’re pretty much a full-fledged adult…and it terrifies you.  Here are 15 signs you’ve almost reached the ripe old age of 25.

1. You’re dying for a new look

You’re almost wiling to do something really drastic


2. You’ve seriously considered getting “inked”

You’re not sure if a few drinks would help with that or if you just have to be tough on your own


3. Partying is still fun but not as fun as it used to be

Now it just leaves you feeling really conflicted…and like you might throw up


4. Finding out a celebrity is younger than you just really ruins your day

“What?! She’s younger than me too!  How have they done so much with their lives already!  I have done nothing.  NOTHING!”


5. The thought, “Am I too old to be wearing this?” has definitely crossed your mind

You’re so ashamed.  You still look amazing, right?


6. You get seriously excited about staying in for the evening

Pajamas, popcorn and movies by myself….yay!


7. Your friend group is downsizing significantly

You’ve realized that the ones who are still around are the only ones you want to talk to anyway


8. You can’t decide what’s more important– being healthy or eating like a pig while your metabolism is still relatively low

*Hmm…revel in your youth by eating pizza or take care of your body by juicing greens?*  #thestruggleisreal


9. You still don’t really know what an IRA is…

It is now becoming a big problem


10. You really want to empty your bank account on some ridiculous trip around the world

You’ll just say you’re trying to find yourself so people leave you alone about it.


11. You feel so accomplished after getting errands done

*WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY LIFE?? Am I becoming an adult?  Is this what I have to look forward to??*


12. You’ve had to look up teenage slang words in the Urban dictionary more than once

Well, you want to make sure to use it correctly, bae


13. You find yourself gazing in the mirror and thinking, “This is it.  This is the best I’ll ever look.”

Then you get all worried about finding a boyfriend as soon as possible because things are heading downhill fast.age13

14. Your ambition and your complacency are constantly at war.

Should you sign up for a marathon or marathon-watch your favorite show?


15. Either way you keep doing mental check-ins: “Is this where I’m supposed to be in my life?”

If 25 is this bad, how awful will turning 30 be?