15 Struggles Of Being A Female Sports Fan


Ladies, if you like watching sports, you already know the intricate difficulties that you face during game time.  Men are condescending, suspicious and downright mean to women when it comes to being a sports fan.  Here are 15 struggles of being a female sports fan.

1. No, we’re not ‘into sports’ to impress some guy

I honestly have yet to meet “some guy” who is actually impressed by the kind of grotesque screaming that happens when you mix a female sports fan with beer, a bar or a stadium, and her team.


2. When people assume you only like the sport for the man candy

Um, no.  There is so much more to life rather than guys running around in tight pants.  If that was the only reason I was watching, I’d be home by now.


3. We don’t need any help understanding what’s going on in the game

Sports are actually pretty simple. They have to be in order for so many rules to be remembered by the people who are more focused on getting a ball from one end of a field to another. Even if you factor in different plays and formations and rosters, chances are good that a female sports fan might have seen a few games in her day.


4. We actually like wearing our team’s colors

We don’t need a jersey in pink, we don’t need rhinestones everywhere, and we don’t need our team’s name emblazoned across the backside of our underwear. (But game day nail art devoted to our colors never hurt anyone.)


5. We know more about a player than if he’s cute or not

Good looks don’t help anyone get a ball across a field. When the game is in play, that is what we want. That is all we want.


6. Yes, we know stats too, you  know

We can keep up with stats just as well as we can keep up with the game. We can keep up with individual players’ backgrounds the way we can keep up with all of the Kardashians. Have you ever noticed what kind of crazy, random facts exist in a woman’s brain?


7. Order food for us too, please

And order as much as you would for yourself. Calories don’t count when the clock is running.


8. We take the game seriously

Almost to a fault, and we will yell at the screen and bemoan plays and smack our heads when someone misses a shot because it’s killing our hearts, what they’re doing out there. We love our teams, but during a bad game, we don’t have to like them very much. It has nothing to do with PMS, but yeah, we’re going to take a loss or a fumble personally. This is what every fan does.


9. Yes, sports can be violent

You can be a football fan or a hockey fan or a wrestling fan, acknowledge the sport is inherently violent, and still cheer on your boys.


10. When you have something insightful to say about a player, and nobody wants any of it. (i have something to say)

I had a really good comment…but nobody wants to listen to little, old me.


11. You better start liking our team too

Because if they’re both playing on the same night, guess who’s game you’ll end up watching? There is no winning this battle. Really, it’s best to just give in now.


12. When you get too excited about a play, you learn what a room full of straight dudes throwing shade looks like

It’s not a pretty sight.


13. When you can’t watch a game because all your other lady friends just want to watch Housewives

OMG, so annoying. Which means that when you check scores and learn that your team won, there’s no one to high-five.


14. When other women do not consider overtime to be an acceptable excuse to cancel plans

Guys are totally understanding about this.  But all your girlfriends?  Not so much.


15. This isn’t just a phase for us

We are tried and true, through thick and thin, ’til death do us part, and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if our dads taught us the intricacies of the game when we were little girls, or if the college we went to had a big sports culture, or moved to a new city and supporting the new team made us feel like we were at home, or if we just one day decided to up and pay attention. We’re fans. We have been fans, we are fans, and we will be fans.