15 Struggles Hot People Never Have Go Through


Life is hard for everybody, but man, it’s so much harder if you’re ugly.  Like, straight up, if you are not one of those ‘naturally beautiful’ girls, your life will be like a 1000% harder because you don’t have everyone just letting you skate by or giving you a pass because you’re pretty.  You’ll actually have to pay a cover charge to get into a bar and then you might even have to pay for your own drinks.  Ugh.  Here are 15 struggles hot people never have to go through.

1. When your best friend is way hotter than you

You’re used to people coming up to you…and then asking all about your best friend and if you could help hook them up.  Plus, taking photos together is a nightmare because they look amazing and you…well…don’t. 

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.47.50 PM

2. When you’ve just accepted the truth

I mean, why try to hide it anymore?  I’m ugly and I know it.  But, that’s going to be my game plan for landing a life partner.  They’ll be like, “yeah, but she’s amazing, so shut up.”

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