15 Struggles People Who Laugh At Their Own Jokes Have To Deal With


People who think they are funny life in a whole other realm.  They sit quietly, laughing at their funny texts and thinking of hilarious comebacks to other people.  You might not think of them as a funny person— but they think they are– and that’s what counts the most.  But, these funny people have their issues too.  Here are 15 struggles people who laugh at their own jokes have to deal with.

1. You never miss a chance to crack up at yourself

Even if other people are putting you down, you’ll laugh at your own jokes, because you’re funny, dang it!  Look, I just made a hilarious knock-knock joke!

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 11.46.47 AM

2. You laugh at your own jokes every time

You always laugh, no matter how dumb or short or lame the joke.  You don’t really care if people laugh with you or not.  You’re laughing anyway.

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