15 Struggles All Thick-Legged Girls Have To Go Through


If you’re a girl who’s sporting some chunky thighs, there’s plenty of song inspiration out there for you right now (thinking of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Meghan Trainor’s All About the Bass, and more). Still, you’ve got issues to face.  Here are 15 struggles all thick-legged girls have to go through.

1. Hello stretch marks

It doesn’t matter how much weight you gain and lose, you’ll always have those marks on your legs.  For the rest of time.  Might as well get used to it.


2. Elephant skin

You develop a tough exterior on your inner thighs from rubbing together so much.  It’s darker in color than on the rest of your legs.


3. Oh yeah– and chub rub

Only girls with massive thighs have to worry about chafing.  I mean, that’s what summer is all about, isn’t it?

Kevin Mazur       (C)2008

4. Flabby and flappy

You can hear your thighs flapping together when you run down the stairs…or even just when you run actually.  Or move.  It also happens when you move.


5. Colorful skinnies don’t work

You don’t want to attract any more attention than is necessary to your thick thighs.  Bright colors tend to do this, so you try to steer clear of those.  But you wish for more variety in your look. 


6. No such thing as a thigh gap

What’s a thigh gap?  I mean, you’ve certainly never seen one on yourself.  There’s just too much thigh down there to see a gap between anything.


7. That feeling you get when the size of a girl’s legs are smaller than one of your thighs

So, we’re not all made the same…that’s ok, right?  No big deal that her legs are a quarter the size of yours.


8. Jeans shopping

Ugh.  The waist is too big when the legs fit just right.  The waist is too small and the legs are squeezing you to death.  It’s an arduous process that usually just leaves you feeling depressed. 


9. Oh hello, cellulite

It doesn’t matter how toned you get, those thighs will always have some chunky cottage cheese-looking stuff hanging on tight.  That’s just how it is.


10. When you catch guys staring at your legs for way too long

You don’t appreciate being sexualized because of the way your body looks.


11. Wearing shorts and mini skirts is a pain

First you’ve got to jam your legs into the tiny holes, then you’ve got to go around all day, sweating and chafing like crazy.  Then you’re ignoring all the people who stare at your legs.


12. Fitting into chairs and desks

This is not only embarrassing when you don’t fit, it’s painful.  Those thighs of yours just take up so much dang space!


13. People comment on your thunder thighs

Um, only I can call my thighs ‘thunder thighs,’…the rest of you can just leave me the heck alone.


14. Watching your legs jiggle when you walk

Sometimes you think you even see them jiggling like jello when you’re standing still.  Embarrassing.


15. Thigh-high clothing doesn’t fit

Those cute boots that go all the way to the tops of your thighs?  Yeah, those will never fit ever.  You tear holes through nylons just by existing, so that’s just how things are.