15 Surefire Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You


Are you worried that your significant other is spending his time with someone else?  Do you feel lonely, trapped, confused and scared?  Is he acting strangely,  making you feel concerned for him and your future together?  He could be cheating.  We hope it’s not the case, but that possibility is always there.  These signs could be the actions of a man who is cheating on his wife.  Here you’ll find 15 surefire signs your husband is cheating on you.  If you suspect foul play, perhaps it’s best to be up front about the situation and figure out if you want to go to a marriage counselor or call it quits– because no woman deserves to be treated like that.

1. He deletes things off his phone

If he’s being honest with you, he doesn’t really need to delete things off his phone.  You should ask yourself, what’s on there that he doesn’t want you to see?

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2. He takes private calls

If he gets up and leaves the room every time he gets a call or stays up late talking to a ‘friend,’ or is texting someone whose number isn’t saved, he could be cheating on you.  Who’s in his call history?

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3. He has email or social media accounts that he doesn’t want you to know about

There’s no reason for him to have multiple email or social media accounts– especially ones that you weren’t aware of…that is, unless he’s using that email to catch another woman.


4. He’s away from home more

You know his normal work hours, but maybe you should be suspicious when he’s gone all through the entire day.  He’s leaving early, getting home late and doesn’t seem to care what you think….that’s a red flag right there. 


5. He smells different than usual

If he uses the same body wash and cologne all the time and suddenly you’re smelling something different on him– especially if it smells like perfume or different soap (he’s showering somewhere else?), he could be up to no good.


6. He’s angrier than usual

If he’s got something to hide, he might take it out on you by being overly angry.  He feels some semblance of guilt for what he’s doing and that can lead to him acting angrier than usual.


7. He wants more time for himself, instead of with you

If your guy is suddenly all about hitting the gym, when he used to hate going there or if he’s wearing all-new clothes all the time, with a different style, you should keep your guard up.  If he’s all about doing things for himself, without wanting to do them with you, he could be cheating or distancing himself from you.


8. He’s coming home late from work all the time

This isn’t some end-of-quarter work deadline he’s trying to meet or the occasional late night at the office.  If he’s literally claiming he has to stay late every single day, it’s probably a lie.


9. He’s picked up some bad habits

It might be out of guilt that he’s increased the amount of alcohol he drinks, cigarettes he smokes or pills he takes.  He feels guilty and that’s how he’s trying to fix it.


10. He locks his phone and won’t let you in

What is he hiding?  Unless it’s almost your birthday or anniversary and he’s planning some kind of special surprise, there’s no need for him to keep anything from you.


11. Finding lipstick on a collar, hair on clothing, or another woman’s lingerie in his car or office

This one makes me go, DUH.  No matter what excuses he comes up with, these are classic telltale signs that he’s not being totally faithful to you.  Don’t ignore it– decide now how you’re going to handle it.


12. He’s being overly helpful or giving gifts to someone else

Does he rush off to help a co-worker or friend all the time?  He could be in the beginning stages of an affair.


13. Something just feels off between you…

Trust your gut. If he’s not confiding in you or trusting you like he used to, something may be amiss.  If you confront him and he denies it but you still feel like something is wrong, do your best to figure it out and be ready to move forward with your life.

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14. He’s uncomfortable around you in social settings…or doesn’t even want to go with you at all

You used to go to neighborhood barbecues and work parties together all the time.  Now, he makes excuses not to go or you go together and it’s very uncomfortable (it’s also possible he’s told friends/co-workers about his affair and tried to justify it).


15. He says things like, “I need you to respect my privacy.”

What??? You two are married.  There shouldn’t be any problems with privacy and now there are– possibly suggesting that he has something to hide and wants to encourage you to leave it alone.

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