15 Terrible Things Teachers Do To Ruin Student’s Lives


With school back in session or just around the corner, here’s some advice: be nice to your teachers or they’ll do terrible things to you.  I mean, teacher’s whole goal in life is to demean and destroy their students, right?  They couldn’t possibly want to help their students!  So, be careful.  We’ve rounded up a list of 15 terrible things teachers do to ruin student’s lives.

1. They make you write in complete sentences

No more text grammar and no more iPhone that automatically corrects your mistakes.  Teachers make you write in proper English, which is just mean of them!


2. They make you work to learn

Instead of just telling you the answer when you ask a question, a mean teacher will make you go find a dictionary and look up how to spell a word or check the encyclopedia for information.  How cruel is that?


3. They make you write your name on your paper

Shouldn’t your teacher be able to tell which is yours by your handwriting and the way you write?  Um, hello?


4. They make you adhere to school dress standards

Which means they make you take off your hat, wear a skirt that’s proper length and cover up shirts with lewd messages on them.  How dare they!


5. Teachers are mean and old-fashioned

They actually will make you start sentences with a capital letter and end them with correct punctuation.  Doesn’t everyone know we don’t do that anymore??


6. They won’t let you swing upside down on the coat racks

Abusing school property is like, a right or something.  How dare she take that away from you!


7. Teachers force you to read 20-30 minutes a day outside of school

This is just cruel and unusual punishment, I tell you.  It will totally ruin your weekend.


8. Teacher will make you read and re-write your own work

It’s called editing and it’s only the most boring thing you’ll ever do.  I mean, you’re a totally awesome writer to begin with, right?


9. They’ll force you to be silent

Teachers have a mean way of making you calm down and be quiet before they’ll let you go.  This will cause you to be so late that you’ll miss your next class or even the bus, even though it only took about ten seconds.


10. They make you bring a pencil to class

Teachers complain that you can’t write anything down if you don’t have a pencil.  Well, phooey on them.  I don’t like pencils…and I don’t like pens either!


11. They make you write in cursive

I mean, who writes in cursive?  All we do is text nowadays anyway so we don’t need to learn how to write in cursive!  Curse these oppressive teachers!


12. They won’t let you use your phone during class

Teachers want you to actually pay attention to them.  Ugh.  Don’t they know how incredibly boring they are and that we can’t stand to listen to them??


13. They won’t let you go to the bathroom

Many teachers will only allow a student to use the bathroom once during class.  This is all fine and well– until I’m about to pee my pants in an emergency!


14. They make you work in groups

And this doesn’t mean that you get to talk to your friends about whatever.  The teacher will prowl around the classroom and anyone not working on a project is in big trouble.


15. They make you write things over and over

Teachers will force you to have a rough draft and a final copy of a paper.  They’ll make you copy sentences from the board.  They’ll make your life terrible and ruin you every chance you get– don’t you trust those teachers!