15 Things You Absolutely Must Do At Walt Disney World


For anyone who grew up on Disney films (which seems to be a pretty hefty portion of the population), a trip to the Walt Disney World resort can be the vacation of a lifetime. Of course, the best way to enjoy yourself is to make sure you hit all the “must-see” attractions. Here’s our take on what to do in the Happiest Place on Earth.

1.) Cinderella’s Castle

While it may not boast anything particularly thrilling – there are no rides here – standing beside this iconic structure will really let you know you’re in another world.


2.) Splash Mountain

For a more exciting experience not too far from the castle, head over to Splash Mountain, where you’ll feel like a kid again. A scared, nervous kid. That big drop will get to anyone.


3.) Space Mountain

Cool off on this classic indoor coaster. It may not be as impressive as some of the newer rides at the resort, but it, like so many other Disney attractions, truly transports you into a fictional realm.