15 Things You Can Learn About Life From Clueless


Clueless, the quintessential 90’s movie about life, love, loss…and fashion and popularity (as if!) just celebrated its 20th anniversary.  That’s right, Alicia Silverstone graced the silver screen as Cher Horowitz 20 years ago, playing a superficial, popular girl from LA, who was, despite her shortcomings, very likable and relatable.  Well, Clueless is more than just a pre-cursor to Mean Girls.  There was, like, actual stuff you could learn from the movie!  So, here we go– 15 things you can learn about life from Clueless. 

1. How to get male attention

Well, guys like lips and kisses, so anything with a girl chewing or biting really does pull the attention of a cute guy.  Cher was a total betty, of course!


2. Life isn’t perfect– even for Cher

Sometimes, you can do everything you can to get a guy to like you, and sometimes– he still won’t.  But, in Cher’s case, it’s because he was gay.


3. How to read people

Tai wants to befriend Amber, but Cher warns her otherwise by using a comparison to a painting.  Sure, Amber is pretty and stylish from far away, but the closer you get, the worse she looks.


4. The best way to bake

Just take it out of the package and straight onto the pan.  Except, make sure to set a timer or you’ll be sure to burn it.


5. When gross boys try to hit on you, you put them in their place

They don’t deserve you.  Not even a little bit.


6. How to talk to guys

That is truly the depths of a meaningful conversation, right there. (He asked her what she liked to do.)


7. When in doubt, take on blame

You aren’t always wrong, and people will apologize and acquiesce.


8. Here’s how to explain why you’re still a virgin

In truth, it’s not that you can’t do it, it’s that you’ve decided not to until you find the right person.


9. When you’re down on yourself, take a long walk

You’ll clear your head, realize that you aren’t a total failure, stop buggin’ and realize who you really are in love with.  It’s a piece of cake!


10. You can actually give an oral book report on total BS

Just be confident, speak boldly, and take your gum out of your mouth…at least until your last dramatic flourish is over.


11. Don’t be afraid to tell people what you really think

Why be fake when you can be real?  When people are mean, tell them so!  You’ll get more respect from others that way.  You’ll also learn a lesson about being in a dangerous part of town at night.


12. Again, tell people how you really feel

RIP Brittany Murphy.  We’re grateful for your audacity and also your honesty which caused Cher to question the correctness of her path.


13. If you’ve got to master a phrase that blows people off– make sure to do it with a hand signal too

That little “W” that she’s making with her fingers became the symbol of the 90’s.


14. When picking out an appropriate outfit, always use the latest technology

So, we may not have this awesome closet computer program…but there are like, apps that can do this kind of thing for you.  At least, there’s got to be!


15. Finally, just be yourself

So, you fell off the bed when you were trying to look sexy.  Whatever, life goes on, right?  As Cher can attest, yes it does and it gets even better than this!