15 Things You Can Learn About Life From Clueless


Clueless, the quintessential 90’s movie about life, love, loss…and fashion and popularity (as if!) just celebrated its 20th anniversary.  That’s right, Alicia Silverstone graced the silver screen as Cher Horowitz 20 years ago, playing a superficial, popular girl from LA, who was, despite her shortcomings, very likable and relatable.  Well, Clueless is more than just a pre-cursor to Mean Girls.  There was, like, actual stuff you could learn from the movie!  So, here we go– 15 things you can learn about life from Clueless. 

1. How to get male attention

Well, guys like lips and kisses, so anything with a girl chewing or biting really does pull the attention of a cute guy.  Cher was a total betty, of course!


2. Life isn’t perfect– even for Cher

Sometimes, you can do everything you can to get a guy to like you, and sometimes– he still won’t.  But, in Cher’s case, it’s because he was gay.