15 Things We All Fake On Social Media


Social media is a fickle friend.  You’ll sometimes be obsessed with how many people are following you on Instagram, spend way too much time editing photos and thinking of a clever caption and then the next day, you’ll want nothing to do with it.  The problem is that you can’t trust anything these days.  People edit themselves to show only their best selves and their best moments.  The rest of us are prone to some green envy when we scroll through and see how great everyone else’s lives appear to be.  Here are 15 things we all fake on social media.

1. Appearance

Nobody looks that good all the time.  Nobody gets ready every single day and look perfect always.  It just doesn’t happen.  But, who’s going to take an honest selfie when they look like crap?  That’s right, no one.  So, we take photos when we know we look good and then we edit the crap out of them to make ourselves look even better.


2. Relationships

Some studies say that the more you post about your spouse/boyfriend, the more problems there are in a relationship.  We aren’t sure about that, but we do know that it needs to be documented when our significant other does something nice for us, because, honestly, it doesn’t happen as often as you’d think.


3. Partying

Yes, we all love taking glamorous photos of ourselves at parties or bars.  But, notice these photos are taken when your dress is still clean, your hair is still done up and your makeup isn’t smudged or out of place.


4. Vacationing

I get jealous (like everyone else in the world) when I see amazing vacation photos.  But, just remember that traveling isn’t all roses.  Stuff gets lost, broken, stolen, or moved.  You get lost, have unfortunate mishaps and spend way more money than you wanted to.  But hey, go get that amazing shot of the coast to make it look like it was all worth it.


5. Cute moments with kids or pets

We love to oooh and aaah over adorable moments of kids being silly or pets looking cute.  What we don’t get to see is when your toddler throws her dinner all over the floor or when your pet pees in the kitchen and then you step in it…


6. Food

Food is meant to be enjoyed visually for about two seconds before you eat it.  All you people who spend so much time making it look pretty to be photographed really have the wrong idea.


7. Diet

We love to act like we’re so good at eating ‘clean’ or ‘gluten-free’ or ‘paleo’ when in reality, we stopped by McDonald’s two hours ago for some french fries and a milkshake.  But nobody has to know that.


8. Fitness

It’s a piece of cake to post photos of yourself at the gym to make it look like that’s so important to you.  You can even fake before and after photos, showing the amazing transformation you went through.  Too bad you’re totally sucking in, posing and look great in your ‘after’ shot.


9. Clothing

We all admire people who have great style and can pull off a new and creative outfit every single day.  But, as for the rest of us, we have about two second to grab clothes and go or we’re going to be seriously late.


10. Coolness

Act as cool as you want on social media, we all know you’re just a narcissist who is in need of attention.


11. Perfection

So, we are all guilty of this….posting only the good moments and acting like the crappy things in life never even happened.


12. Popularity

It’s so easy to compare yourself to others when you have a number attached to your popularity… i.e: your number of followers.  But, just remember, people can fake that too. Some people make fake accounts follow theirs and other are accused of buying followers.  Don’t believe everything you see online.


13. Cleanliness

When you see someone’s perfectly clean home, it can be easy to feel bad about your kitchen sink that’s totally full of dishes…


14. Organization

Pinterest has created guilt for not thinking of clever hacks or ways to organize your home on your own.


15. Home decor

You see homes that have been ‘staged’ with beautiful furniture and decor and it’s so easy to feel bad about how your own home looks.  Just remember what’s most important– to love where you are and who you’re with.