15 Things Girls Who Hate Feelings Have To Deal With


Girls are like, expected to have feelings all the time.  But, some girls…just really don’t have a lot of those.  They don’t get choked up, they don’t like crying, they don’t like yelling and they certainly never lose control of their emotions.  Some girls just don’t like to get all emotional and crap.  They don’t want to give long hugs or hold you when you cry.  Just leave them alone, ok?  Here’s 15 things girls who hate feelings have to deal with.

1. You don’t like emotions

You aren’t touchy-feely.  You don’t like emotions.  You don’t like showing them, talking about them or even having them.


2. You steer clear of highly emotional women

Nobody needs that kind of drama in their life.


3. You hate romantic movies

Especially the ones that make everybody cry at the end.


4. You hate going to weepy funerals or weddings because you’re always the only one not crying

It’s like, so embarrassing to be the only one without tears in your eyes.


5. You think couples who PDA are gross

Look, I do not need to be seeing y’all holding hands or kissing right in front of me.  That is so unnecessary.


6. You avoid PDA like the plague

Please don’t touch me in public.


7. You just can’t handle feeling too many emotions at once

It leaves you unable to cope with life..and nobody wants to see that!


8. You’re not an ice queen, you just don’t like feelings

But people describe you as cold and heartless anyway.

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 11.08.28 AM

9. Compliments inevitably make you cringe

Please don’t give me a compliment…I don’t even know what to do about it.


10. You don’t really enjoy hugs

…especially ones that are awkward or uncomfortably long.


11. You don’t like it when people pour out their heart to you

You basically freeze.  You can’t even handle life right now.

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12. You don’t know how to comfort people who are crying

What should I do?  Should I say something?  Leave them alone?  Should I just sit here in silence.  Should I touch them.  Oh I don’t want to touch them.  I’ll just sit here and let them tell me when they’re done or something…


13. You are not a fan of being forced to open up

You really don’t enjoy having to spill your feelings to people who are begging for it. You feel like you’ll explode on them…or forget how to be emotional.


14. Your friends know how to talk emotions without actually being emotional with you

It’s exactly what you want. You really don’t want to spell it all out.  Your friends totally get that.

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15. But your friends also take advantage of the times when your feelings shine through

It’s bound to happen sometimes and they just love to poke fun when you get all emotionally out of control.

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