15 Things Guys Do That Girls Really Hate


Guys, we love you, but sometimes you do things that drive us seriously crazy.  From your catcalling to your incessant flirting to your issues with rejection, here’s all the stuff you do that we can’t stand.  15 things guys do that girls really hate.

1. Sending unwanted nudes

Nobody wants to see your junk, ok?  Unless she’s asked for a photo, don’t just send one.  Ugh.  That is one way to turn a girl off really really quick.


2. Flexing in the mirror

Nobody likes this.  You look like a tool, a giant tool bag who loves the sight of himself and is way too in to his muscles to even care about what a girl might want out of life.


3. Catcalling

Hey guys– newsflash– women honestly can’t stand this.  It doesn’t make us feel hot or sexy or wanted or anything.  It makes us feel afraid that we’re going to get attacked.  So, seriously, if you want a shot with us, don’t do this.


4. Pushing physical boundaries

Yep.  Basically that’s it.  If you’re kissing a girl, then just focus on kissing her.  Don’t think about sex or how you want that.  Don’t try to guide her hand.  Just leave her alone.  If it’s going to happen, it’s going to happen, don’t force it.guy12

5. Flirting with women while they are working

Don’t do this. We’re trying to get paid.  So just leave us alone.


6. Picking women up

Unless we wanted you to, don’t pick us up out of nowhere.  It can take us by surprise but not in a good way.  It makes us feel a little scared that you’re so strong and forthright.


7. Don’t say “Oh, you must be on your period.”

I am a human with human emotions.  Just because I’m a little emotional does not automatically mean that I’m on my period.  Plus, even if I am, it’s none of your business.  So, just don’t bring this up.


8. Turn mean after rejection

This happens a lot on dating sites or things like Tinder.  If I tell you no, I’m just trying not to waste your time so please don’t curse at me, or make me feel stupid.  That’s not cool.


9. Staring

Stop staring at me from across a room.  Stop trying to catch my eye.  You freak girls out when you do this.  They HATE it.  So, stop doing it.


10. Bodily fluid stuff

Don’t spit.  Don’t spit out of the car, don’t spit on the sidewalk, just don’t spit.  Enough said.guy6

11. Doing a swag walk

What the hell is wrong with you?  Why are you walking like that?  Do you have a stick up your butt because that’s exactly what it looks like when you try to walk like that.


12. Revving their car at you

Yeah…girls don’t care about this.  You mostly just look like a big tool when you do it.  Most girls couldn’t care less about engines, motors, or even cars in general so don’t rev your engine unless you know she’s into cars.


13. Don’t interrupt

Guys are the worst at this.  Either they butt in when you’re right in the middle of saying something or they go on and on and you can’t even get a word in.  Hello– don’t dominate the conversation.


14. Mistaking you being nice for flirting

If I’m being nice to you, I’m not always trying to flirt.  Can’t a girl just be a nice person for once?  Guys love to assume that we’re trying to flirt but it’s not always true.


15. Don’t send ‘wrong number’ texts that were really meant for us

Come on, guys, we are not that dumb.  If you like us, tell us.  If you don’t, tell us.  Don’t be a pansy about it.