15 Things Guys Just Don’t Understand About Your Hair And Makeup


He’ll admit it when you look beautiful…but he’ll also be perplexed as to why it took you hours of primping to achieve that level of perfection.  Guys have no idea what women go through to look good.  Here are 15 things guys just don’t understand about your hair and makeup.

1. Men don’t get why you wake up looking so scary

My husband once told me that he doesn’t understand how women just ‘deteriorate’ in the night but that it inevitably happens to every woman.


2. Men just don’t understand that, yes, there is a difference between a $12 haircut and a $50 one

You can literally feel that difference every time you run your fingers through your hair.


3. There is a difference between red and pink lipstick

Most men admit they don’t really like lipstick at all and especially don’t like red lipstick.  Jeez….


4. Men don’t understand that taking an hour to get ready in the morning is totally justified

Most women know that an hour will give them ample time to shower, shave, shampoo, dry hair, straighten hair apply makeup, choose an outfit and do last-minute corrections.


5. Guys don’t get that it takes a lot of effort to look like you aren’t wearing any makeup

That ‘natural’ look is really not to so easy to achieve.


6. Men don’t understand nail art

They might act interested for, like, two seconds, but really they don’t care.


7. He doesn’t get why you are agonizing over whether you should get bangs or not

He doesn’t understand the grand implications of such a decision.  Go ask your girlfriends instead.


8. He doesn’t understand beauty products like hot oil treatments, eggs, avocado, honey or anything else that goes in your hair.

He doesn’t want to understand, either.


9. He doesn’t get why you get so mad after you do your hair and then it’s really windy outside

It’s even worse if you just applied lip gloss.  Um, sticky!


10. They don’t understand your need to roam the beauty aisles at Target for hours

They don’t know that there just might be some new product that I absolutely must have.


11. Men don’t understand eyelash curlers

They are a wonderful thing– a gift from above, even!  Not a cruel torture device.


12. They don’t understand why you use a straightener when your hair is already straight

Sigh.  Men.  What to do with them?  They also don’t understand the delicate art of curling your hair with a curling iron.


13. Face masks– they don’t get it

They’ll never get it.  We wipe goopy green stuff on our faces and let it dry because of how great it makes our skin look and feel…duh!


14. They don’t understand that it’s normal to stash a small army of products in your shower at all times

I mean, you never know when you’re in there and you need something…there’s no way you’re getting out of the shower to get it so better have it in there!


15. He has no idea what filling in your eyebrows means

He has no clue what sparse means in terms of your eyebrows. He thinks they’re full as can be. P.S. have you seen his brows? I rest my case.