15 Things Guys Think Are Girly, But Women Find Attractive


Hey men, did you know that some of those ‘girly’ things you refuse to do are actually seen as pretty sexy by us ladies?  That’s right– we love it when you clean yourself up, take time to groom, and tell us how you really feel.  We know you think those things are kinda ‘girly’ sometimes…but we think that a real man can handle it.  Here are 15 things guys think are girly, but women find attractive.  How many of these do you do?

1. Doing dishes

Finding a guy that like to be clean and organized and picks up after himself is like winning the lottery…it almost never happens.  So, when you do find a great guy who likes to clean up, ladies, you picked a winner winner chicken dinner.

Smiling man doing dishes in his kitchen.   Original Filename: 84587194.jpg

2. Tell us how you really feel

So many men out there like to bottle up their feelings.  They act nonchalant, but, really, deep down there are actual feelings.  Feelings that need to be expressed!  Guys who can tell you how they feel without acting embarrassed are the best kind.  Honestly.


3. Just let those tears fall

So, along the same lines as showing your feelings is being able to cry.  Look, you don’t have to do it all the time…but a good cry every now and then is a good thing.  It releases pent-up emotion and can help us  all feel better.


4. Cook me something

A guy who knows his way around a kitchen is really hot.  Even if he only has a few signature dishes that he can make, he’ll still impress you by putting on an apron and making his ‘specialty.’

Handsome man cooking at home preparing salad in kitchen.

5. Having some ‘bros’

Having a few, close guy friends is not gay– it’s awesome.  We love when guys have friends– it means we can keep close ties with our besties too!


6. Being able to dance to “Shake it Off”

If you don’t like pop music, that’s fine, whatever.  But, when my favorite pop songs come on the radio and I’m rocking out in the car, you better rock out with me.  Don’t act like you’re too cool.


7. Invest in some stunner undies

So, we get that you like your gross whitie tighties or your loose boxer shorts.  But, get a nice pair of silk underwear or just nice clean underwear for dates.


8. Shop with me

You don’t have to love shopping, but could you at least come into the store with me?  Maybe act interested in things I want to buy, instead of sitting on a bench outside?  Enjoying shopping is not a bad thing.

NEW YORK - NOVEMBER 23: Men shop in the apparel retailer J.Crew on November 23, 2010 in New York City. In a $3 billion deal, J. Crew Group Inc. is close to an agreement to be acquired by two private equity firms. After news of the potential deal was announced J.Crew shares surged more than 16%.  (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

9. Put some product in your hair

Unless you have amazing hair that styles itself, you’re going to want to invest in some sort of product to put in your hair and style it up a bit.  Just wearing a hat everyday is not good enough.  Also shower and go– that doesn’t usually work, hon.


10. Clean your face

That means keep your skin clean and moisturized and keep your hair in check.  Trim your beard or shave and get rid of scraggly hairs that are out-of-place.


11. Give a nice gift

Would it kill you to put some thought into a gift for someone?  If you put time and effort into a gift, I promise you that the recipient will not only be surprised, she’ll be thrilled.  Be thoughtful and giving and good things will follow.

Couple sitting in a cafe on Valentine's Day.

12. Drink a cute cocktail

We know you don’t care for ‘fruity’ drinks when you could be guzzling straight liquor….but I like them.  So, sip one with me while we’re in the jacuzzi or at the bar and make me feel special, ok?


13. Groom those toes

Keeping yourself neat and clean means cleaning up those toes every once in a while.  We don’t like to see hairy scary toes coming at us.


14. Pay attention to home decor

You might live in a bachelor pad, but that doesn’t mean you have to have bare walls and a grimy couch.  Invest in some nice furniture and maybe a rug for the floor and a candle or two.  It will work wonders for you, I promise.


15. Watch a chick flick with me

Yes, I know you’d rather be watching an action movie but that always what we watch together.  How about you get to know some of my favorite chick flick characters up close and personal and you can cry with me at the sad parts too.