15 Things Guys Think Are Girly, But Women Find Attractive


Hey men, did you know that some of those ‘girly’ things you refuse to do are actually seen as pretty sexy by us ladies?  That’s right– we love it when you clean yourself up, take time to groom, and tell us how you really feel.  We know you think those things are kinda ‘girly’ sometimes…but we think that a real man can handle it.  Here are 15 things guys think are girly, but women find attractive.  How many of these do you do?

1. Doing dishes

Finding a guy that like to be clean and organized and picks up after himself is like winning the lottery…it almost never happens.  So, when you do find a great guy who likes to clean up, ladies, you picked a winner winner chicken dinner.

Smiling man doing dishes in his kitchen.   Original Filename: 84587194.jpg

2. Tell us how you really feel

So many men out there like to bottle up their feelings.  They act nonchalant, but, really, deep down there are actual feelings.  Feelings that need to be expressed!  Guys who can tell you how they feel without acting embarrassed are the best kind.  Honestly.