15 Things That Make You Feel Pathetic


We all have those times when we are lonely, desperate, pathetic and lame.  As sad as you feel, just remember that things can always get better…you just need to cheer up and do something about it!  Here are 15 things that make you feel pathetic.

1. When you’ve been watching Netflix for so long that it has to ask you if you’re still there

Yep.  Still here.  Still doing nothing with my life.  Thanks for reminding me, Netflix.


2. Driving through the drive-thru of a fast food place only to park outside alone and eat

Because there’s nothing better than eating all by yourself.


3. Getting excited over buying new cleaning supplies

Sometimes, it’s just the little things in life, ok?


4. Tripping in front of a bunch of other people

Because that’s not embarrassing or anything…


5. Skipping a shower because you didn’t have time only to feel gross all day

Ugh….I just want to be clean!


6. Stalking someone you know on social media only to end up somehow stalking people you don’t know to the point that you feel like you know them

Yes, I understand that this kind of behavior is creepy and weird.


7. Having literally nothing to do and nowhere to go on the weekend

I guess I’ll just sit here in my sweats all freakin’ day.


8. When my younger siblings or cousins ask me what I’m doing with my life

I just want to snap at them that I’m figuring things out..snotty little brats.


9. When grandma asks me why I’m still single

Sigh…as if I want to be single.  Ugh.


10. When you set an appointment for later in the day because you know you’ll be able to make it on time and you still get there late

Yeah, who likes people being on time, anyway?


11. When you’d rather shop online than get up and go to a store

Yeah, that’s a little bit pathetic.  But…it’s also much more convenient.


12. When you’re the only one bawling your eyes out during a movie

So I get a little emotional during the sad parts.  Sue me.


13. When you can’t think of 50 people to send graduation/wedding/baby/holiday announcements to

I must live a sad life if I have so few people to brag to about it.


14. When you go pick up food for dinner but you’re so hungry that you munch on it on your way home

Then you get home and discover that it’s gone.  #pathetic.


15. Having a serious debate with yourself as to whether you should put something on social media or not

You really want attention from people but you also don’t want to be one of those people that can’t shut up about their life.  Is that so lame?