15 Things To Never Be Self-Conscious About In A Relationship


When you’re in a good relationship, you’re not worried about small things sending your romance plummeting downwards into its watery grave. But sometimes, even in a good relationship, you find yourself on shaky ground. Being open about things you’re self-conscious about can be scary, especially when you really like someone. It’s OK, you can totally work through those issues.  Here are 15 things to never be self-conscious about in a relationship. Breaking through these issues may be hard at first, but they’ll only make you two stronger in the long run.

1. Getting into a fight

Whenever couples are like “We’ve NEVER had a fight,” I’m like “Good for you, you’re either the two most perfect people ever or you’re not talking about the stuff that needs to be talked about.” In a good relationship, you can pick your battles and you can fight them and it will be okay because none of the things you squabble about will be bigger than your love for one other.


2. Your body

We all have those days when we just can’t stand looking at ourselves in the mirror.  But, try not to do it when your SO is around because it will upset them!  They love your body and can’t understand why you dislike yourself so much.  Maybe you should listen to them more and stop hating on your thighs, face, arms, abs etc.