15 Things You Should Stop Saying To Depressed People


Depression is real, y’all and its effects can be felt by all.  But your friend or family member who is struggling isn’t just trying to be difficult, they’re really going through a hard time and could use your help and support instead of your pity or advice.  Because your advice probably isn’t helping anyway.  So, stop saying cliché stuff and say things that really help.  Here’s 15 things you should stop saying to depressed people.

1. “I really don’t get why you don’t want to go do things?”

So your friend who used to be really fun and loved to go out is now holed up in her house with anxiety.  Show her some love. Don’t bring attention to the fact that she doesn’t want to go out– she already knows it.  Help her feel loved.


2. “You’re making this really tough for me.”

Don’t say that.  That’s just making everything about you…and let me tell you, this is NOT about you. So, don’t make it about you.