15 Thoughts You Have When You’re Home Alone


Being able to be at home alone is a liberating feeling.  You can do anything you want and nobody is there to stop you.  As long as you don’t get too scared, it can actually be a whole lot of fun!  Here are 15 thoughts you have when you’re home alone.

1. “I can’t believe it!  I’m actually home alone tonight!”

It’s a miracle!! I’m free! I’m on my own!  I run the show.  I rule the roost.  I’m gonna rock this joint!


2. “I can do whatever the heck I want…”

Which means these pants are gone…it’s naked time!


3. “I’m dancing in the kitchen!!”

Why are my dance moves so banging when I’m all by myself?  Why can’t I look like this at the club??


4.  “Well, I’m definitely not shutting the bathroom door.”

No one here to complain…so I might as well, right?


5. “I’m drinking straight out of the milk carton.”

And I love the fact that mom would flip if she saw this.


6. “I’m eating without using forks or plates!”

Who needs utensils when you have fingers?  I’ll just lick them clean…


7. “I jumped off the couch and did the coolest swan dive of all time!”

It’s only too bad no one was around to see it– that could have qualified me for the Olympics or something.


8. “Wait, what was that? Did I hear something?”

“omg omg Of freaking course someone would try to rob the house the night that I am here alone.  Of course.


9. “Please, please, please don’t let there be a ghost to taunt me tonight.”

I can’t handle it.  Mommy and daddy aren’t even here to let me climb in bed with them.  Please no scary things tonight.


10. “Definitely can’t take a shower!”

We all know what happens to people who shower at home alone.


11. “Whatever, I’m gonna watch tv for hours without moving….”

I don’t care what anyone thinks– no one is here and no one can judge me!


12. “Please don’t let anyone come home and see me eating ice cream in my undies.”

It’s the most liberating feeling of all time.  I should seriously do this more often.


13. “Ok, I’m actually kind of bored.”

Can someone please text me back? I’m lonely and bored and in dire need of attention.


14. “Should I clean up the house?”

Naw…that can wait until tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow.


15. “Wait, no– I can do anything I want. I’M HOME ALONEEE!”

Let’s turn some music on and have a solo dance party…wheeeeeeee!