15 Types Of People You’ll See At The Gym


The gym is full of all kinds of interesting people.  You’ve got those who are intense about working out, those who are just there to primp and those who literally make your jaw drop.  Here are 15 types of people you’ll see at the gym.

1. The gravity-defying yogi

This yoga master would never be caught dead doing a simple child’s pose.  They like to contort themselves into crazy shapes and show off their flexibility and slow stamina.


2. The reader

This person likes to read a book, usually a textbook, while on the elliptical or treadmill.  They think they’re being so great, multi-tasking and all, but really they’re not doing either totally right.  They won’t remember anything they studied and they aren’t working out that hard either.


3. The couples on a fitness date

You’ll see them aimlessly wandering the gym, trying to find a machine that will work well for both of them.  They’ll have to stop frequently thought to kiss and swat at each other playfully.  It’s cute that they try to get fit together but they’re not really working out all that much.


4. The toughest guy you’ve ever seen

If you’ve ever been inside a gym, you’ve seen one of these giant fellows.  Their the ones making all the noise as they grunt and lift weights that other guys can only dream of lifting.  But, don’t get in their way, they’ll just plow you down.


5. The running nerd

This guy is usually wearing shorts that are way too short and show off his thin white legs.  He’d rather run than touch a weight any day.  He likes to brag about the number of miles he completes, like it’s a big deal.


6. The totally unmotivated person

This person does not want to be at the gym…but at least they’re trying.  They seem to be doing way more sitting and looking off into space than actually working out…but he’s perfectly fine with that.


7. The photo-taker

This person is trying to document their progress as they workout…but then they also spend more time choosing a filter that makes them look good and thinking of hashtags that show how totally ripped they are. Ugh.


8. The cross-fit enthusiast

This person will be doing a super intense workout that makes the rest of us squeamish just by watching it.  They enjoy silently suffering and beating their old records.  Plus, they have their own cross-fit lingo to use with other cross-fitters.


9. The creepy gym creeper

This guy just wants to be surrounded by females in spandex and is constantly looking around and checking women out.  He stays in all the areas that are usually filled with women and even joins in the female-dominated fitness classes every once in a while.


10. The bicep-curler

This guy sits right in front of a mirror to make sure everyone can see his huge muscles.  We aren’t sure why he’s still sitting there, doing bicep curls when we’re leaving the gym…but whatever.


11. The injured stoic

This person is hurt and in pain but never misses a workout and refuses to stay home.  So, they hobble around helplessly and do all they can on the machines.


12. The early riser

You’ll never even see this person at the gym unless you get up incredibly early too.  This guy wakes up before 5am to get the gym before the crowds and works out hard.  He’s probably finishing up cardio before you even wake up.


13. The crappy cardio dancer

This woman is committed but also very uncoordinated and throws herself and others off the beat.  She just can’t seem to get the hang of it.


14. The person who’s new to running

This person is usually taking it slow and steady on the treadmill because they know they need to be in better shape.  But, after a few moments, they’re already ready to give up. We get it, running is hard.


15. The incredible virtuoso that makes everything look easy

This person is in amazing shape and can lift things easily.  They’re never sweaty, though they get a good workout and people often stop to stare in awe at this person.