16 Cats Who Want To Be The Center Of Attention


Life as a cat is not always easy; it’s more than just lounging around and being adorable. Cats face a constant battle of gaining their owner’s attention. Their methods vary, but at the end of the day cats all want the same thing—constant love and affection from us humans. And they’ll get that attention by any means possible.

1.  “Theres a new best-seller… it’s me!”

It’s hard always being the underdog…er cat, to a book.


2. “Enough work, more me please.”

Your shift is over; now pet me. Please?


3. “You can’t keep this up forever!”

Getting in the way of writing is just one of their many cunning methods.


4. “I’m more interesting than what’s on your screen.”

At least shes not on the keyboard…yet.


5. “Take me with you!”

Cats love more than just boxes. They love bags too!


6. “Your highscore is at risk if you don’t pet me soon.”

Nothing is more intimidating than getting eyed down by an annoyed feline.


7. “No more planning, I want you to pet me.”

Having a cat is like marriage—all commitment, lots of love, and a few days when you really start to value your “me” time.


8. “Excuse me sir but sharing is caring!”

One way to a cat’s heart is through their stomach.


9. “I’m cuter than laundry, aren’t I!”

As if it wasn’t already hard enough not to procrastinate…


10. “ Are you sore yet? Want to pet me soon?”

Tactics #60: Make humans notice by giving them shoulder cramps.


11. “Your relationship status should be set to taken..by me.”

You don’t need the internet for cats when you have one in front of you, right?


12. “Shhh…sleeping is how I become cuter.”

And being cute is hard work! Humans wouldn’t understand.


13. “Your priority should be me, not homework.”

Spend 3 hours on loving your cat everyday for better grades.


14. “Doing the ear thing makes me cuter, right?”

He’s also pulling off puss in boots extremely well.


15. “Hey, come here and let me kiss you!”

The most interesting cat in the world; he doesn’t always asks for kisses, but when he does, he wants a LOT of them.


16. “Don’t think I don’t see you NOT petting me!”

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