16 Everyday Things That Are Oddly Satisfying


We’re here to point out all those little moments that make life so sweet.  You do many things everyday that you enjoy, probably without even realizing it.  Here are 16 everyday things that are oddly satisfying.

1. Sudsing up with a brand new bar of soap

Oh the joys of using a bar of soap that hasn’t been previously tainted with germs by someone else using it.


2. Following the same shower routine day after day

Get in, get wet, shampoo, conditioner, shave, rinse, towel off. Ahhh.


3. Pushing in all the little buttons on your soda cup lid

It’s this tiny mindless thing we all do when we have a cup lid.


4. Checking out yourself in the mirror

Nothing like admiring (or admonishing) your own flesh.


5. Petting your pet when they’re being totally lazy

Letting your hand caress your dog while he’s all blissed out on the couch is pretty relaxing (and entertaining) for you too.


6. Writing a tweet that’s exactly 140 characters

That’s literally the definition of success.


7. Chewing on ice cubes

Here’s the key to ice cube chewing– let those babies soak in some ice cold water in your glass for a while and they’ll start to soften and melt and then you can chew and suck on them without getting brain freezes or damaging your teeth.  It’s so addicting.


8. Making sure you have zero unread emails

An empty inbox is a happy inbox.  Plus, there’s nothing more stressful that seeing that you have 1,048 unread messages on your phone.  Like, who lives like that?


9. Putting on lip balm

This is especially soothing when you are in desperate need for some relief on those dry lips.


10. Clicking links but not reading the article

Sometimes, it’s just really fun to click on stuff.


11. Stopping the gas pump at an even dollar amount

Not only does this take a lot of skill and talent, it’s also such a wonderfully gratifying feeling to have all even numbers.


12. Checking your weather app all day long

This is especially great when you’re inside. Too bad, so sad for all those suckers outside enjoying all that beautiful sunshine…wait….


13. Scrolling mindlessly through your Instagram feed

It’s the best way to let your mind relax and unwind, all while enjoying some pretty pictures. 


14. Chewing on your hoodie strings

What else are those strings for, if not to nibble aimlessly?


15. Daydreaming about taking a nap whenever you want to

As kids, we hated taking naps, it was like the most boring thing ever.  Now, as adults, we’d give anything to take a nap for as long as we want, with no stress or responsibilities to wake us up.  Babies have a good life.


16. Playing the same song over and over and over again

I mean, nobody gets sick of Uptown Funk, you know what I mean?