16 iPhone Hidden Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do


Today, we spend almost half of our times on our mobile phones. Be it for writing notes, surfing the web, playing games- it’s all packed within our smartphones. Revolutionary tech inventor Steve Jobs is a true testament on what smartphones are capable of doing, thus, iPhone. With crisp clear images and revolutionary features, the iPhone is currently one of the world’s smartphone mogul. But with their awesome features, we sometimes ask, “Is this all?” To which we answer, no. Read on below for some of the iPhone hidden tricks and you’ll find out that there is more you could do with your iPhone.

1. Emit Flashing Light

Instead of receiving vibrating notifications or a loud ringtone, you can be notified through an iPhone’s light display. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on the “LED flash alerts.” We do warn you that it is very bright. So it’s best to use this during nighttime.


2. Shake To Undo

If you’ve ever typed or edited a picture and made a mistake, there’s no need to do it all over again. Just shake your phone- just a little so you won’t let go of it- and an option will appear if you want to undo the action.


3. Create a passcode with letters

Are you one of those type of people who want to guard their precious iPhone from those wanting to invade your privacy? Have they made it a challenge to crack your number code? Worry no more! With the iPhone’s handy little passcode, you can use letters instead of numbers so people can’t access your information. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off “Simple Passcode.”


4. Charge Faster

Charge your phone faster by switching it to Airplane Mode before charging it. Simply go to Settings and turn on the Airplane mode. Or if you want, just swipe up from the home screen, and press the left most option.


5. Custom Shortcuts

When texting or chatting with friends, most likely you both have a phrase, word, or inside joke that you use most of the time. Easily, you can create a shortcut for it. Simply Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut. Each time you’ll type the shortcut, the whole phrase or word will appear. You can also use shortcuts for an emoji!


6. Make Siri read your emails!

Most of the time, the reason we use smartphones is to be on the go. This can also be handy for e-mails. Siri can read your emails by just simply saying the magic words, “Siri, read my email.” You can even be specific by saying, “Siri, read my latest email.” Or “Read emails from Mark.”


7. Customized Vibrations

You can create your own vibration pattern for different alerts and notifications. Go to Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration > Create New Vibration. This way, just by feel, you’ll have an idea on what’s notified you or who.


8. Know which planes are flying overhead

Simply ask Siri, “What flights are above me?” or “Planes overhead.” Siri will then give you a list of the planes flying above you at the moment. It’s specially recommended for those who keep track of the planes flying above them, if there are any.


9. Quick access to email drafts

Very few people know about this handy feature. If you’re composing an email and remembered you have a draft for it, just hold down the compose icon and you’ll jump directly to the drafts in your email account.


10. Teach Siri correct pronunciation

This little bit gives you an ego-boost since it makes you look smarter than Siri. If Siri mispronounces a word, tell her “That’s not how you pronounce [BLANK],” to which she’ll offer you alternatives which you can choose from.


11. Web suffixes with a single tap

When typing the web address, there’s no need to waste time typing .com or .org or any other suffixes. After you’ve typed the address, hold down the “.” button and a menu with a list of suffixes will pop up which you can choose from.


12. Turn off music with timer

Most of us like to doze off with some relaxing music of some sort. It may burden us sometimes that whenever we are about to sleep, we keep thinking about how the music will play all night. Alternatively, you don’t need to turn it off yourself. Just go to the timer application, select “When Timer Ends,” then scroll down and select “Stop Playing” and you’re good to sleep.


13. Autofocus

It’s just so annoying when we want to take a photo and the camera refocuses itself overtime. Though the iPhone camera offers the option to select focus point, this, too, keeps refocusing. The good thing is that the iPhone camera, along with the other iPhone hidden tricks, offers you to lock in the focus point. Just hold your finger down the focus point and an icon that says “AE/AF Lock” will appear.


14. Take photos using volume buttons

Taking a selfie or capturing a picture of ourselves is sometimes frustrating. Thankfully, we can now capture photos easily with the use of the volume up or down button. Just press it instead of trying to touch the capture button on the screen.


15. Detailed calendar

For those super-duper meticulous about  their schedule, this iPhone hidden trick will come in really handy. Turn your phone or change your screen orientation to landscape and voila, you get a more detailed calendar display.


16. Reveal timestamps from messages

Forgot when’s the last time you sent or received a text? Drag the text bubbles to your left when viewing messages and you’ll get the exact time when you sent or received the message.