16 iPhone Hidden Tricks You Didn’t Know You Could Do


Today, we spend almost half of our times on our mobile phones. Be it for writing notes, surfing the web, playing games- it’s all packed within our smartphones. Revolutionary tech inventor Steve Jobs is a true testament on what smartphones are capable of doing, thus, iPhone. With crisp clear images and revolutionary features, the iPhone is currently one of the world’s smartphone mogul. But with their awesome features, we sometimes ask, “Is this all?” To which we answer, no. Read on below for some of the iPhone hidden tricks and you’ll find out that there is more you could do with your iPhone.

1. Emit Flashing Light

Instead of receiving vibrating notifications or a loud ringtone, you can be notified through an iPhone’s light display. Go to Settings> General> Accessibility and turn on the “LED flash alerts.” We do warn you that it is very bright. So it’s best to use this during nighttime.