16 Ways To Know If Your Husband Loves You Truly, Madly, And Deeply



We hope you don’t wonder if your husband loves you at all…but if you, perhaps you’re missing out some of the ways that he shows his love for you instead of telling you.  There are lots of different ways to express love in a marriage and not a single one of them is wrong.  Here are 16 ways to know if your husband loves you truly, madly, and deeply.

1. He goes out of his way to do sweet things for you

He wants you to know how much he cares and so he does his best to show it by little acts of service.  He’ll make you breakfast in bed every once in a while, clean up the house on a day when you feel sick or buy you something he saw you admire in a store.  They may be small, but these little acts are very telling.


2. He is affectionate with you

Your husband will frequently hold your hand, kiss you and hold you close.  It may not happen all the time, but it still happens.