16 Ways To Know If Your Husband Loves You Truly, Madly, And Deeply



We hope you don’t wonder if your husband loves you at all…but if you, perhaps you’re missing out some of the ways that he shows his love for you instead of telling you.  There are lots of different ways to express love in a marriage and not a single one of them is wrong.  Here are 16 ways to know if your husband loves you truly, madly, and deeply.

1. He goes out of his way to do sweet things for you

He wants you to know how much he cares and so he does his best to show it by little acts of service.  He’ll make you breakfast in bed every once in a while, clean up the house on a day when you feel sick or buy you something he saw you admire in a store.  They may be small, but these little acts are very telling.


2. He is affectionate with you

Your husband will frequently hold your hand, kiss you and hold you close.  It may not happen all the time, but it still happens.


3. He tells you that you’re beautiful

If your husband truly loves you, he will show it by telling you how pretty you are, even on those days when you don’t feel pretty at all.  He wants you to see yourself the way he sees you.


4. He encourages and supports you in your passions and dreams

Your husband knows the things that mean the most to you and he strives to support you– whether that’s in your job, your education or your hobbies and activities.


5. He tells you that he loves you

A simple way to know if your husband loves you– he’ll tell you so!  Some women hear it from their spouses but just seem to ignore them.  Don’t do that!  If he’s telling you sincerely that he loves you, he does.


6. You have special activities that you do together

Whether it’s simply watching Netflix on the couch, attending a fitness class, going for a walk or picking up the house together, it’s important to do things as a couple.  Having activities that you do together helps you build a strong bond and increase in love for one another.


7. He makes date night special

If he loves you, he will take you on dates.  The frequency of these dates should be determined by your budget and your time but make sure it’s a priority.  It’s important for you two to spend time together. It doesn’t have to be expensive either.  You could just go for a walk and talk about things that are important to you.  You could go to a drive-in movie.  You could even take a little weekend get-away.  The important thing is that he loves you and wants to spend time just with you.


8. He surprises you every once in a while

It could be with something small, like a little note tucked inside your coat or your car, or something bigger like jewelry, perfume, or flowers.  It doesn’t really matter what the surprise is, the most important thing is the thought that’s behind it.  When your husband takes the time to do something kind for you, it shows that he’s thinking of you and loves you.


9. He works hard for you

Your husband’s career choices are likely pushed forward by his desire to care for you and your family.  He wants to provide for you.  He wants you to live comfortably.  That’s love.


10. He does things you ask him to do

So, maybe you’re the one who usually does the dishes or the laundry.  But, when you ask your husband for some help, he’s always willing to lend a helping hand.


11. He finds ways to make you laugh

Life can be hard sometimes and a little bit of laughter goes a long way.  Finding time to laugh together is important for every couple.  If your husband knows you well, he should be able to make you laugh.  Hearts are lightened by laughter.


12. He cares for you when you are sick

There will be times in your marriage when you don’t feel well.  It could be a simple cold or even healing after a surgery or having a baby.  Your husband will show love to you as he gently cares for you.  He can bring you drinks and snacks, hold you and even help you feel better.


13. He is faithful to you

Your husband can show love by remaining faithful to you in your marriage.  It’s a wonderful thing to know that your spouse is devoted just to you and always will be.  Expressing love to one another is a wonderful way to keep the spark alive between you and avoid any form of cheating.


14. He tries to look good for you

Your husband should try his best to look good for you.  He wants you to be attracted to him.  He doesn’t just ‘let himself go’ (and neither should you!).  He takes care of himself and puts on clean clothes in an attempt to attract you to him even more.


15. He appreciates you

Your husband should be thankful to you for all the good that you do.  He should thank you for cleaning the house, cooking meals, doing laundry and taking care of the home.  He should thank you for working, if you have to, and for caring for children.  Your husband shows love by thanking you and acting appreciative for all the good that you bring about in his life.

Couple taking self portrait

16. He accepts criticism from you

Things will not always be perfect in your marriage, but a husband who is willing to forgive and to apologize is important.  If he’ll say sorry and he’ll try to change and be better for you– that’s a very important way to know if he truly loves you.