17 Problems People With Food Allergies Have To Deal With


Life ain’t easy when a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich could practically kill you.  Living with food allergies is a real thing for a lot of people and it’s definitely no walk in the park.  They have to read labels, stay away from foods that might make them have an allergic reaction and deal with all the annoying responses from other people about their allergy problems.  Pretty much it just sucks.  So, to help you be more sympathetic, here’s 17 problems people with food allergies have to deal with.

1. People who bring food to work or school that you can’t eat

It’s a kind gesture, sure, but it’s really not fair for those of us who can’t eat (insert food here: dairy, gluten, meat, peanuts etc).

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2. You spend your whole life carting these around

And your friends always think it’s really funny to pretend to stick you with one.  They have no idea how serious an allergy situation can become.  They are so annoying and immature.

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3. You’re terrified of having a reaction in public

Not only is it painful– it’s embarrassing!  Nobody wants to be seen looking like a monster!  Poor Hitch and that dang shellfish!

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4. You had near-death experiences in your childhood

Remember that one time you ate that one thing that you weren’t supposed to…and then ended up in the emergency room?  Yep, that’s pretty much what life is like with a food allergy.

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5. Birthday parties were not as fun for you

You usually couldn’t eat something at the party, which ruined the entire thing for you.

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6. Halloween– not as fun when you can’t eat any of it

If you’re allergic to nuts, more than half your Halloween candy will just have to go in the trash (or be given to your siblings).  Life is so unfair.

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7. Every day, you face the possibility of sudden death

There’s a chance there’s something hidden in food that you’ll be terribly allergic to.  It could happen at any time.

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8. Going to the ER is like, so not a big deal anymore

You’ve been more times than you can count, and you’ve realized that it just leads to hours and hours of waiting around.

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9. Try going on a trip to a new country where you don’t speak the language

It’s like, you’re practically guaranteed to die.

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10. You really hate people who complain about seasonal allergies

Yep, try living with an allergy that doesn’t randomly pop up in spring and summer.  It’s with me all the time, haunting me…

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11. You have to make the dinner plans

There are places that you trust and places that you would never trust.  It’s a hard-knock life.

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12. People try to act like there’s not really anything wrong with you

They can go crawl in a hole and die.

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13. You’re willing to pay the price

Having an allergic reaction is nothing to joke about– it’s a terrifying ordeal!  And unless you’ve been through it, you have no idea.

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14. You get to cook for yourself

But that also means you have to cook for yourself.

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15. Airplanes are terrifying for those of us with peanut allergies

Some people can’t even be around peanut dust…and do you know how many peanuts get lost on the floor or wedged between seats on a plane?

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16. When people won’t stop making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for their kids, even though it could kill you

Thank you, to everyone, for your sincere consideration of my health…not.

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17. When you want what you can’t have…

It’s annoying to want it so bad, but to know that it will just end your life.

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