17 Things Pregnant Women Do That Will Shock You


Pregnant women, whether first time moms or seasoned veterans, do some pretty strange things. Some crave really strange things that aren’t even meant to be eaten while others have to put up with some really ridiculous things, like people touching their bellies. Here are 17 things pregnant women do that will shock you.

1. They watch their baby’s arms and feet poke out of their belly and they’re not disturbed by it.

Anyone else seeing movement inside their body would be pretty disturbed, but not a pregnant woman. In fact, most moms-to-be love watching their bellies for their baby’s movement.

Belly Movement


2. They basically turn into doctors.

Pregnant women are well known for researching everything about their pregnancy and what is going on with their body. A visit to the doctor may sound like an episode of House.

Pregnant Dr