17 Things Pregnant Women Do That Will Shock You


Pregnant women, whether first time moms or seasoned veterans, do some pretty strange things. Some crave really strange things that aren’t even meant to be eaten while others have to put up with some really ridiculous things, like people touching their bellies. Here are 17 things pregnant women do that will shock you.

1. They watch their baby’s arms and feet poke out of their belly and they’re not disturbed by it.

Anyone else seeing movement inside their body would be pretty disturbed, but not a pregnant woman. In fact, most moms-to-be love watching their bellies for their baby’s movement.

Belly Movement


2. They basically turn into doctors.

Pregnant women are well known for researching everything about their pregnancy and what is going on with their body. A visit to the doctor may sound like an episode of House.

Pregnant Dr

3. They have to deal with people constantly trying to rub their belly.

People constantly want to touch a pregnant woman’s belly or rub it like you’re Buddha and it gets old, real fast.


4. They listen to ridiculous nonsense from everybody.

Everybody has something to say when you’re pregnant. You’ll get the classic questions about who the dad is, how long you have to go and of course, a ton of unwanted advice as well. Be prepared.

Mean girls


5. They eat well and cut alcohol out of their diets immediately.

When a woman is pregnant, she starts eating well immediately. Any other time, dieting and eating right is a challenge.

Preg food


6. They take binge eating to epic proportions.

When a pregnant woman wants to eat, she will eat, and eat and eat until she’s content and probably way too full. At least you’re eating for two!



7. Pregnant woman will get strange cravings at every hour of the early morning.

You will see that a pregnant woman will get all kinds of strange cravings, including ice cream on pickles. While this may sound disgusting any other time, a pregnant woman will find it delicious.



8. They can throw up and carry on like it never happened.

Any other time when you throw up, you just feel like hanging out in bed or in the bathroom, but when you’re pregnant, you can puke and rally like it was nothing.



9. They have the intense dedication to finding the perfect baby name.

Pregnant woman’s determination to find the perfect baby name is like Liam Neeson trying to get his daughter back in Taken. It’s that intense.



10. When a pregnant woman is irritated, her give a damn will break frequently.

When you get a pregnant woman irritated, she’s not going to hold back on saying exactly what she wants.

Give a Damn


11. They go through some scary things at the OB-GYN.

When you’re pregnant and you go to the OB-GYN, you’re going to experience some scary things, like the ultrasound wand, talking about giving birth and getting your membranes stripped. It’s not all fun and games.


12. They figure out whether it’s just gas or labor.

Other people would have had a nervous breakdown, but when you’re pregnant, you know when it’s gas or actual labor and you know when to panic.



13. They deal for nine months.

Nine months may not seem like a long time, but it sure is when you’re pregnant, waiting for your baby and waiting for all the nonsense you have to deal with to stop.



14. You push a baby out of your body.

When you really think about it, that’s exactly what you do. When your body feels the baby is ready to be born, it gives you an eviction notice and you have to push your child out. It’s pretty simple.



15. They want to eat things that aren’t meant to be eaten.

Some women get some out of this world cravings. You may find yourself wanting to eat sponges, dirt, concrete or even crayons. What a delicacy!



16. They nest.

No, pregnant women do not go out in their yards to collect things and literally build a nest inside their home, but they do clean obsessively, a condition which is known as nesting.



17. They welcome their baby to the world.

Of course, any new parent would be proud of their baby and a new mom cannot wait to show off all her hard work.

Baby pix