17 Ways A Positive Attitude Can Make Your Day Better


When we’re feeling down, we have the propensity to start thinking negatively.  Life is hard, we’re feeling blue and we want to reciprocate that feeling out.  But, forcing yourself to be positive can actually have a huge influence on how you feel.  The phrase, ‘fake it ’til you make it,’ applies here.  Everything will go smoother when you decide to be happy.  Here’s 17 ways a positive attitude can make your day better.

1. Choose to laugh

Usually we frown when things upset us…but what would happen if we laughed instead?  We would find ourselves happier and automatically in a better mood.

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2. Choose to be brave

When there are things bigger and badder than you and you have to cower behind someone’s legs, choose to be brave.  Go about your life like there is nothing that frightens you. 

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3. Love the little things

When you choose to love little miracles in your life, you’ll find that you are so much happier.  Even if that little thing is a fish that your dad caught is going to cook for dinner tonight– love it anyway.

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4. Make others smile

Even if you’re feeling down, there’s nothing wrong with trying to cheer someone else up.  You may find that it raises your own spirits higher.

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5. Be silly

Do ridiculous things every now and then, like riding on the back of an ostrich.  You might fall off, you’ll still feel like champ.

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6. Make new friends

When you’re feeling blue, sometimes getting a new perspective can make all the difference.  And what better way to change your perspective than by making new friends?

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7. Anticipate good things to come

Know that, no matter how hard things are right now, there are good things on the way for you.  There is hope and happiness ahead.

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8. Find a snuggle buddy

Being close to someone (or something) else can make everything better.  Find a cuddle buddy and hold him close. 

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9. Treat others like they’re something special

Doing nice things for others can make you feel happier.

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10. Laugh and play every day

Life is not all about work and chores.  Have some fun.  Go outside and play like a little kid again.

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11. Cheer loud

Be loud and excited when good things come your way.  Hey, why not?  You deserve it!

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12. Comfort others

Serving someone else will instantly lift your own mood– it’s like a proven fact or something. Try it– you’ll see!

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13. Slap on a smile

Even when you feel like crying, smile anyway.  Let others know when you need help, support or encouragement.  But, always try to smile on your own.

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14. Do things that make you happy

Whatever it is, a walk, reading a book, playing a game, etc.– do it!  You need it.

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15. Be thankful

Be thankful for the good things in your life, because there are so many.  Thank others for all they do for you.

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16. Feed others

Feed their spirits with kind words, fill their bellies with delicious food and fill their minds with intelligent conversation.

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17. Be weird with your family

That’s what family is for– to be silly and weird with.  So, don’t roll your eyes– just go along with it!

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