17 Ways A Positive Attitude Can Make Your Day Better


When we’re feeling down, we have the propensity to start thinking negatively.  Life is hard, we’re feeling blue and we want to reciprocate that feeling out.  But, forcing yourself to be positive can actually have a huge influence on how you feel.  The phrase, ‘fake it ’til you make it,’ applies here.  Everything will go smoother when you decide to be happy.  Here’s 17 ways a positive attitude can make your day better.

1. Choose to laugh

Usually we frown when things upset us…but what would happen if we laughed instead?  We would find ourselves happier and automatically in a better mood.

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2. Choose to be brave

When there are things bigger and badder than you and you have to cower behind someone’s legs, choose to be brave.  Go about your life like there is nothing that frightens you. 

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