18 Adorable Ways to Ask Someone to Prom


Prom is a big deal. In fact, it is one of the most important things a high schooler has to look forward to, next to graduation of course. Everyone dreams of being asked to prom in a really cute way, but these 18 lucky people definitely got asked in some adorable, clever ways. If you’ve been looking for some inspiration or ways to ask someone to prom, look no further!



We have all heard the saying “yay or nay” before, but this guy took things quite literally, asking his girlfriend to prom with a horse. The horse is rocking a cute blanket that says “Will you go to prom with me? Yay or neigh”. What a clever idea that most people would never even think of! We’d say yay!

Yay or Neigh



We’ve all ‘winged’ it before, but this personally was literally winging it when asking their date to prom. Who wouldn’t love to get an order of chicken wings with their proposal? Yum!




If you’re asking someone athletic to prom, of course, you’re going to ask them with shoes, because the idea has been ‘running through your mind. Girls love shoes, though, so this is a win win, no matter what.

Shoe Prom