18 Amazing GIFs Of Incredible Moments In Slow Motion


Our world is full of beautiful and amazing things happening all the time, but the majority of them are faster than our eyes can see. Because of this, we don’t have the opportunity to notice just how stunning the moment really is. That’s why we’re so grateful for slow-motion cameras – they give us the chance to see these amazing things taking place that we usually tend to miss. We have created a special selection of the 18 very best moments captured in slow motion, all of which will show you an entirely new perspective of the fantastic world we live in. Enjoy!

#1 The Popcorn Cycle

Isn’t it amazing how a solid little corn can be transformed into a delightful soft popcorn? Well, we guess it’s just the magic of nature and high temperatures – and thank God for slow motion cameras, so we can see the change in all its glory.