18 Animals Who Can’t Hide Their Excitement On Their Birthdays


Birthdays are that awesome time of year where we get to feel loved and special, all day long. Phone calls, gifts, birthday cards, surprise parties, our friends wishing us well on Facebook, and everyone celebrating because you’re one year older. These are just a few reasons why we all love our birthdays. In fact, it’s not only humans who adore their special day – animals do, too! Just to prove this to you, we have created a special selection of 18 animals who couldn’t be happier on their birthdays. Enjoy!

#1 The Hamster’s Birthday Party

Everyone clap your hands and sing ‘Happy Birthday To You’ to this lovely hamster below. Just look at his adorable facial expression – he looks like the happiest little guy on the planet. It’s pretty obvious that he’s loving every second of his birthday… and we can guarantee the cat wasn’t invited.