18 Awesome Teachers Who Are Superstars Of The School


Not everyone enjoys going to school or college, right?! Firstly, because the student life is not that easy, and secondly, because sometimes we have to study some seriously boring subjects. But, thinking about the problems that every student has to face on a daily basis, some creative teachers decided to innovate the way they teach, and create a more funny and friendly atmosphere in the classroom. We’re about to show you 18 amazing examples of teachers who are true superstars to their students, making everyone want to learn in the most awesome of ways. Enjoy!

#1 Jedi Master

How about having a teacher that is also a guardian of the universe? Or, to be more precise, a bada*s Jedi?! Well, it’s pretty obvious that you will learn so much more than only math. What a guy!


#2 I’m Your Teacher

But, if the subject is chemistry, nobody is more competent than the terrible Darth Vader. Maybe his voice isn’t the ideal one to listen to in a chemistry class, but he sure does know what he’s talking about.


#3 The Artist

Not only is this guy a simple high school teacher, but he’s also a real artist. Just before the beginning of each class, he draws proper masterpieces on the blackboard for all the students to see. This is a great way to keep them motivated for his lessons.

AwesomeTeachers3 AwesomeTeachers3-2

#4 Skater Boy

This teacher knows how to keep his spirit young and make his students totally adore him. He travels to school every day on a skateboard, just to try his best to fit in with the young crowd and grab everyone’s attention.


#5 Woke Up Late

This teacher is probably notorious in the school for teaching in his pyjamas. Our theory is that he wakes up late accidentally, and rather than taking his time to dress and shower, he goes in his pyjamas so he can be there on time. They sure do look like some comfortable pyjamas!


#6 History Teacher

This funny and creative history teacher had the good idea to highlight his subject in his yearbook picture. What do you guys think about this? We wanna get this guy’s autograph, like, now.


#7 Students’ Tears

We all know that the life of students is not easy. Sometimes, we feel like crying due to the pressure, whether it’s caused by studying for tests, or not being able to find the right balance between school and personal life. Whatever the problem may be, this sarcastic teacher had the hilarious idea to label his water bottle with ‘Students’ tears’. Ha!


#8 Give Back My Pencil

A teacher got tired of lending his pens to students and never seeing them again, so he came up with this genius idea of labelling his pencils with ‘I want to marry Justin Bieber’ in an attempt to persuade the students to give them back. Amazing!


#9 Funny Yearbook Photos

These hilarious teachers decided to do something different in the yearbook, rather than posing for the typical generic ones. The final result is absolutely awesome.

AwesomeTeachers9 AwesomeTeachers9-2

#10 The Same Style

This teacher below posed for one picture every year since he started teaching, and the only difference we can spot is that in the first one, he doesn’t have a moustache. We’re wondering if he wore the exact same shirt and sweater every year – it sure does look like it. What a funny guy.


#11 Hilarious Revenge

A class of Japanese students made a weird joke with the teacher that involved simulating the class in a different perspective, just to confuse him like crazy when he walked through the door. He reacted in the best way possible, and wrote sideways on the chalkboard.


#12 Good Example!

Teachers are more than just people who are responsible for leading the class – they’re almost like our second parents in school, responsible for our education and character. So, when this teacher found an abandoned cat on the street, she brought it into school, rather than leaving it out in the cold. What a beautiful lesson!


#13 The Eccentric Teacher

Each and every school in the world has a teacher who’s a little on the eccentric side, and in most cases, it’s a Physics or Chemistry teacher, like the guy below. What do you think of the whole bow-tie & tie combo?!


#14 The Most Stylish Teachers

And, talking about funny tie styles, how about these hilarious teachers wearing cat ties? Maybe they genuinely think it’s fashionable, or perhaps they just wanted to add a bit of humour to their appearance. Either way, we like it!

AwesomeTeachers13 AwesomeTeachers13-2

#15 Minions

An amazing university teacher had the great idea to teach her class dressed as a minion. This resulted in all the students going to class, eager to learn, instead of skipping it. After all, who doesn’t want to see their teacher dressed as a minion?!


#16 Teacher Tips

This teacher below decided to make a good analogy to show their students that the time is passing by.


#17 Don’t Sleep

Many teachers hate it when a student falls asleep in the middle of class, but instead of being angry, this funny fella decided to prank the guy and pose for this hilarious photo. The student probably never slept again…


#18 Bat Class

These two teachers decided to give their class a bit more action and interactivity by dressing up as Batman and Robin. The students loved the idea, and their grades actually improved. Perhaps teachers dressing up as famous characters should become a ‘thing’.