18 Beautiful Pictures Of Soldiers And Animals That Became Best Friends


We live in a such difficult time, where we have to live with all sorts of problems, day after day. And, it’s not easy to keep feelings of hope and positivity during these hard days, but have you ever wondered what it’s like to go through these problems on a daily basis and live in a war zone?! Not only this, but can you put yourselves in the shoes of a soldier who had to abandon his home and loving family to fight for the name of a government and flag? It’s not easy, but some soldiers have found comfort and love on their dangerous missions. Yep – many of them have adopted abandoned animals in the war zone, and these creatures have become their closest and truest friends. Here is a very special selection of 18 soldiers and animals whom, despite the war, became best friends. Enjoy!

#1 Soldiers Of Love

A war is a really hostile environment – there’s gun shots and destruction all around. But, even in terrifying atmospheres like this, there’s always time to share some love. This group of soldiers stopped everything they were doing to help an abandoned dog, and it’s so beautiful.


#2 A Kiss In The War

A gesture like a kiss is something pretty rare to see in a war zone, but it seems like this British soldier below found some moment of peace and love during such difficult time. The kindness and compassion of dogs is something that cannot be denied.


#3 The Little Kitten

This rare black & white picture was taken way back in World War II, and proves that even in the worst of situations, there’s always time to share some compassion and love.


#4 The Cat In The Pocket

It is misleading to think that soldiers leave only blood and destruction behind – this one below left a beautiful gesture when he decided to help this abandoned kitten in the war zone.


#5 Respect

This sad dog below was adopted by a soldier who ended up dying unfortunately from gun fire. Just look at the heartbroken facial expression of this poor dog, and think about how much respect he has for his former master.


#6 The Loyal Friend

We all know that German Shepherds are a very loyal and smart breed of dog, which makes them the perfect companion for the soldiers.


#7 The Brave Puppy

This lovely puppy probably experienced some traumatic times in the war zone until this gentle soldier found him and saved his life. This is yet another demonstration of love in a terrible place.


#8 Share

One of the most beautiful characteristics of the human being is when he is able to offer his help and share, not only for other humans, but also for every living creature in the world.


#9 Helping A Family

This lovely family was found abandoned right in the middle of a war zone, so the soldiers decided to take them to their base – a gesture that would save the dog’s lives, and bring some peace and happiness to the soldiers at the same time.


#10 Thank You

This beautiful scene is a retribution to the all the help this brave soldier gave to this dog. He removed the beautiful dog from a danger zone where an intense gun fire was happening, and essentially saved his life by doing so.


#11 Sweet Dreams

After a really stressful day where the main concern is to stay alive, this brave soldier doesn’t say no to a snuggle with an adorable cat. What a beautiful scene to witness.


#12 Saving Lives

It’s amazing to see so many brave and kind soldiers in a place so hostile. Here’s another picture illustrating the beautiful friendship between men and innocent animals in the middle of a war zone.


#13 The Cute Face

This lovely puppy is enjoying a helicopter ride after being rescued from a dangerous war zone. Looking at his cute face, we can definitely understand why soldiers risk their lives just to save poor little souls like this one.


#14 The Purest Friendship Of All

Do you have any doubt that this relationship between men and animals is the most pure and innocent in the world?! Just look at this beautiful picture of all these brave souls having a rest together. Amazing!


#15 Operation: Save The Dogs

As you see in the image below, this group of soldiers were in the middle of an operation, camped in an improvised base in the middle of a war zone, and with them, is this lovely, sleepy little dog. No flags, no nations, and no hate.


#16 The Kindness

Look at all the destruction in the picture below and just try to imagine how many families lost their homes, parents, children and animals. This is precisely why any act of kindness at all in places like this can make your day.


#17 The Tiny Ginger Soldier

This tiny ginger soldier is in the middle of a difficult mission – bringing some peace and love to these soldiers, all of whom are so tired of pain and destruction. As we can see below, the mission was accomplished.


#18 Two Babies

This kind soldier below decided to save not only one, but two puppies, in order to give them a temporary home. What a beautiful gesture!