The 18 Best Alternative Versions Of Iron Man On The Internet


The “Iron Man” movies have been a huge success in box offices all over the world, which brought a lot of new and crazy fans to Tony Stark and his explosive adventures. But, not only are some fans big admirers – they are also artists, and they have created a lot of alternative versions of the Iron Man. Most of them are mash-ups with other famous comic characters or superheroes, while others are based solely on the original hero. Here is a selection of the 18 best alternative versions of Iron Man ever seen on the Internet. Enjoy!

#1 Bat-Iron

This awesome mash-up art created by the fan known as the nickname of “Bosslogix” combines together two great heroes, Batman and Iron Man. Can you imagine a movie where both heroes become one?! It would be pretty explosive, to say the very least.


#2 Tony Stark, Pixar Style

And how about if Iron Man was produced by Pixar Studios?! It would be pretty awesome, and we all know it. This fan art below was created by someone called Victor Hugo, and it shows us a little preview of what Iron Man would be like if it were a Pixar movie.


#3 Brace Yourself

Here’s yet another crazy alternative version that puts Iron Man in a totally different scenario. Created by the fan with the nickname Kanthesis, here is Tony Stark if he was a character in Game Of Thrones. Crazy!


#4 The Old Iron Man

And what will happen when Tony Stark gets old?! Do you think he’ll continue to combat crime?! Well, if Tony doesn’t decide to retire, he’ll end up looking like the art work below. This awesome piece was created by the fan, Gimaldinov.


#5 Iron Scorpion

Scorpion is one of the most famous and brutal characters of Mortal Kombat, and the Iron Man fan Bosslogix imagined the sinister fusion between the two legends. Insane!


#6 Iron Man, The Astronaut

And what if Iron Man was a NASA astronaut?! Of course, it would be so much more easy to conquer the moon. This awesome fan art was created by Heath Hammond.


#7 Iron Creed

Here is yet another creative and amazing work of art by the Iron Man fan, Bossologix. This time, he made a mash-up of Assassin’s Creed and Iron Man. What do you think?!


#8 Pre-Historic Iron Man

Iron Man fan Christian Nauck had the creative to idea to draw his role model as a caveman. We thought we’d seen it all, but nope – it’s yet another awesome version of Tony Stark.


#9 Biochemical Iron Man

Songqijin is a big Iron Man fan, so he decided to create this crazy alternative version that combines the classic Iron Man with a kind of biochemical armour. Creepy!


#10 Steampunk Iron Man

For those of you who don’t know, Steampunk is a a genre of science fiction that typically features steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology, just like this version of Iron Man made by the fan Jason Kang.


#11 The Iron Chef

And how about if Tony Stark invested all his money on a culinary course and opening a restaurant, instead of fighting against the evil of the world?! Not so likely, okay, but this is how he’d look if that was the case. This one was created by the fan Km33.


#12 Iron Man Warlock

The Iron Man fan known as the nickname TheDURRRRIAN made this awesome and incredible art work, mixing Iron Man and the Warlock World. What do you guys think?!


#13 Iron Ranger

And how about if Tony Stark was a member of the Power Rangers?! That’s exactly what Boxxologix imagined when he created this fusion between one of the rangers and Tony himself. It looks like it was meant to be!


#14 Iron Gundam

Bossologix impresses us once again with his sheer talent when it comes to Iron Man fan art. This time, he combines the universe of the Japanese Gundam series with Iron Man, and it’s completely fantastic.


#15 Iron Man And Kingdom Of Hearts

The fan Alessandelpho imagined how Tony Stark would look inside the universe of the role playing game, Kingdom Of Hearts. We actually really like this one.


#16 Steampunk Iron Man Pt. 2

It’s yet another creative alternative version of Iron Man based on the Steampunk style, made by the fan Aldgerrelpa.


#17 Iron Shock

And here’s how Iron Man would look if he was inspired by the universe of the Bioshock. Crazy, right?! This brilliant work of art was created by the fan Frankieperez24.


#18 Samuiron

And what if Tony Stark was not only a millionaire, but also a Samurai?! In the world of fan art, clearly, anything is possible. This amazing drawing was sketched by the fan SkottieYoung. Wow!