The 18 Best Alternative Versions Of Iron Man On The Internet


The “Iron Man” movies have been a huge success in box offices all over the world, which brought a lot of new and crazy fans to Tony Stark and his explosive adventures. But, not only are some fans big admirers – they are also artists, and they have created a lot of alternative versions of the Iron Man. Most of them are mash-ups with other famous comic characters or superheroes, while others are based solely on the original hero. Here is a selection of the 18 best alternative versions of Iron Man ever seen on the Internet. Enjoy!

#1 Bat-Iron

This awesome mash-up art created by the fan known as the nickname of “Bosslogix” combines together two great heroes, Batman and Iron Man. Can you imagine a movie where both heroes become one?! It would be pretty explosive, to say the very least.