18 Bizarre Easter Bunnies That Can Make Anyone’s Easter A Tragedy

It’s the time of year to enjoy the Easter holidays and enjoy a lot of chocolate, as well as keeping our positive thoughts on track and learning more about the history of Christ – and we can’t forget the Easter Bunny making his appearance. When we were kids, eating chocolate and meeting the Easter Bunny were the best parts of Easter… but unfortunately, not every child will have a nice story to tell. Sometimes, the Easter Bunny isn’t quite like we imagined. Here is a special selection of 18 bizarre Easter Bunnies that have the ability to make anyone’s Easter a real tragedy. Happy Easter, and enjoy.

#1 The Bad Bunny

As we can see below, this white bunny is not so happy with Easter in general, or these cute siblings sitting on his lap. The younger one on the right will definitely be traumatized because of his terrible day one Easter.