18 Bizarre And Hilarious Urinals That Will Make You Wet Yourself Laughing


It’s very common for kids to pee themselves laughing, and this might be exactly what happens to you if you ever get the chance to see some of these hilarious urinals in person. Okay, so it’s good to change old patterns and come up with new and innovative ideas, but the guys who created these urinals have taken that to a whole new level. Here is a hilarious selection of urinals that will make you wet yourself laughing. Enjoy!

#1 Guitar Pee

Let’s start this crazy article talking about funny urinals with, probably, one of the craziest ones. Can you imagine an interactive urinal where you can make a song by peeing? We’d be drinking all night! Introducing… the “guitar pee”.


#2 Pee On The Shark

If you always wanted to take revenge on a shark in a pretty unconventional way, here’s your big chance! All you have to do is head to the restroom and relieve your bladder onto him. Crazy!


#3 Score That Goal

Here’s another interactive urinal that will make every football fan go crazy every time they go to the bathroom. The entire objective here is to score a goal with your pee – so don’t let us down, and avoid losing or drawing.


#4 The Heat

This urinal in Japan was designed to change color according to temperature. Red is the hottest, and blue is the coldest temperature. This one is very interesting indeed.


#5 Appreciate The View

How good is this?! You can relieve your bladder tension and check out a stunning city skyline, both at the same time! Not only this, but you don’t even need to worry about being observed. Awesome!


#6 Just Relax

This one is perfect for drunk guys – after all, we all know how difficult it is to pee when we’ve had a few. So, now you can relax your head, and enjoy the moment. Let’s just ignore the part that it really isn’t hygienic, and it won’t be difficult to find someone sleeping there.


#7 Big Mouth

Here’s another funny urinal created for drunken guys – with this huge mouth, it’ll be difficult to miss the target and pee on the floor. However, it would be pretty creepy to have to look at this face for the whole time.


#8 Blow That Trumpet

Okay, so we already showed you guys the guitar urinal that lets you make music, and we’re now proud to introduce the Trumpet Urinal. What sound do you think is made whenever someone pees there?! We can’t even begin to imagine…


#9 Feed The Flowers

Here’s the only place you’re allowed to pee on flowers without getting arrested, or offending any crazy plant lover. Food is food, right?!


#10 They Are Watching You

You’re not alone! Well, you are, but these urinals sure will make you paranoid. Can you imagine how terrible the world would be if all toilets were like this?!


#11 Red Lips

What a crazy world we live in. Why on Earth would someone think a urinal like this is a good idea?! Sorry, but this one is pretty sick.


#12 Bizarre Mannequins

We doubt that any of you will be able to pee in peace with all these weird female mannequins watching your every move. Note that in the photo, the guy is looking down!


#13 Carnivorous Urinal

Sorry, but a big, spiky, carnivorous plant isn’t a very pleasant idea for a urinal. We’d prefer not to have this kind of fear during a moment so delicate!


#14 Nothing Discreet About This At All

We can’t believe what we’re seeing here… but how about these open-air toilets?! For obvious reasons, this was only designed for men, probably as a way to stop them peeing on the street. Even so, this is still a little disturbing.

#15 They Can’t See

The person who invented this bizarre toilet was definitely thinking about a good way to humiliate men during their very delicate moment, and honestly, they probably did. Well done!


#16 The Crazy Urinal

WTF?! This bizarre urinal is a mixture of all the crazy ideas above, all in one. The big mouth, the spikes, the camera, and even the oriental face. Crazy people!


#17 Not Conventional

This one is definitely one of the most normal urinals we’ve showed you today, but if you look closer… you’ll see that it’s a recycled old beer keg.


#18 Wild Pee

If you were born to be wild, and think about the road ahead even when you’re peeing, then here’s the perfect urinal for you. Just remember – don’t go too far, because someone might be waiting to use it after you.