18 Bizarre People Who Should Never Step Onto A Plane Ever Again


With the increases in flight promotions and special deals, aeroplanes are becoming fuller every day, which is precisely why flights can be total nightmares sometimes. They are definitely different than they were 40 years ago. Nowadays, the seats are uncomfortable and the on-board service has totally lost its quality, and even with these problems, we often have to share a flight with totally impolite passengers who have no idea how to stay on their best behaviour. These people just seem to have no respect for others on the flight, which makes everyone else their worst enemy for the duration of the journey. Here is a selection of 18 bizarre people who should never step onto a plane ever again. We hope you’re not one of these folks!

#1 Rest In Peace

This visually tired passenger decided to occupy all the seats and take up the entire corridor with his legs, only to take a bizarre nap like he was in his own bed. Rest in peace, dude!