18 Bizarre People Who Should Never Step Onto A Plane Ever Again


With the increases in flight promotions and special deals, aeroplanes are becoming fuller every day, which is precisely why flights can be total nightmares sometimes. They are definitely different than they were 40 years ago. Nowadays, the seats are uncomfortable and the on-board service has totally lost its quality, and even with these problems, we often have to share a flight with totally impolite passengers who have no idea how to stay on their best behaviour. These people just seem to have no respect for others on the flight, which makes everyone else their worst enemy for the duration of the journey. Here is a selection of 18 bizarre people who should never step onto a plane ever again. We hope you’re not one of these folks!

#1 Rest In Peace

This visually tired passenger decided to occupy all the seats and take up the entire corridor with his legs, only to take a bizarre nap like he was in his own bed. Rest in peace, dude!


#2 No Shirt

Here’s a crazy passenger that really doesn’t give a sh*t about what other people think. When it got a little hot and sweaty on the flight, he whipped off his shirt like there was no tomorrow. Imagine if he was sitting beside you! What a nightmare that would be.


#3 Hot Nights

Here’s another passenger who really doesn’t care what others might think of him, and sees no problem in exposing his beautiful body to everyone on the plane. What a terrible view!


#4 We Never Know

It’s very common to witness a few passengers who are afraid to fly, but this old fella has taken that fear to a whole new level. Yep – he’s wearing a life jacket throughout the entire flight, just in case something tragic happens.


#5 No Respect

We definitely know your parents raised you well when you wouldn’t even dream of doing a thing like this. Why is it that some people just assume every public place can be used like a trash can? Oh, dear.


#6 Late Girl

Another problem that some passengers occasionally face is that person who’s always late, and holds everyone else up because of this. Check out this girl, who’s packing her hand luggage bags just moments before stepping onboard the aircraft.


#7 Is She Alive?!

We can’t help but wonder if this lazy old lady is still alive. It definitely looks like she is far away from this world, in another dimension. That, or she’s high on a lot of sedatives to face the long journey.


#8 On The Floor

This is not a homeless man on a plane – it’s just a really tired passenger who couldn’t bear the claustrophobic, uncomfortable seats, and so decided to sleep on the floor instead. Why not?! As long as he’s comfortable!


#9 Legs Up

This poor guy is probably her boyfriend or parent – otherwise, he wouldn’t let a random person rest their feet on his head for the entire journey. What a tool!


#10 Excuse Me, But This Is Not Your Home

What makes her think that nobody will care if she just whips her feet out and gives herself a pedicure?! Some people really have no idea what the words ‘common sense’ means.


#11 Too Comfortable 

“Don’t put your legs on the table” is something that most of us have heard at least once or twice in our lives by our Mom, but this lady has definitely never heard this phrase. Jeez – even the dumbest of people should know that putting your feet on a plane meal table is gross.


#12 The Disgusting Embrace

How would you feel if you were sitting peacefully on the plane, and the guy behind you randomly starts hugging you with his sweaty feet? Okay, you gotta stop the plane right about… now.


#13 Happy Feet

Even the most clean and beautiful feet in the world should be kept to their owner during an airplane journey… but once again, some people just don’t seem to care at all.


#14 Painting Her Toenails

Here’s yet another chick that doesn’t see any problem in giving herself a pedicure during the middle of a flight. Okay, so it’s not the end of the world, but can’t you at least wait until you get to your hotel?! Jeez!


#15 Showing The Legs

Here’s another girlfriend who doesn’t care about resting her feet on her boyfriend for all the other passengers to see. We bet there’s a fair few p*ssed off people who just want to get through the aisle in peace!


#16 Little Office

This guy assumed he could turn his plane seat into a mini office during a flight, and check out what a mess he’s made! We can’t even begin to imagine what his actual office looks like.


#17 Just Relax

This one isn’t so bad, but perhaps it’s best to behave a little more politely when you’re sharing the same confined space with hundreds of people you don’t know… right?!


#18 Long Flight

Yep, is not easy to travel sometimes, especially when you’re seated on the same aircraft for 10-15 hours. The final result looks a little something like this for many people…