18 Bizarre People & Situations You’ll Only See At Walmart


Admit it: once in your life, you’ve stepped inside a Walmart store to get your hands on stuff selling for discount prices, and encountered some pretty weird situations taking place inside. And you know what? You wouldn’t be the only one. Sometimes, such weird things take place inside this supermarket that we start to consider whether Walmart is some weird portal in between reality and fantasy. If you don’t believe us, here’s a hilarious selection of some of the most bizarre people and situations that you’ll only spot inside a Walmart store. Enjoy!

#1 The Holy Market

Can someone please tell us a better place to get married than one of the aisles in Walmart?! B*tch, please. The atmosphere of bargains and low prices is sure to bring that romantic feeling, and this couple below felt it so strongly that they decided to get married there. We wonder where they’ll have their honeymoon… Costco, perhaps?