18 Businesses With Ridiculously Funny & Bizarre Names


When you think about opening a new business, one of your major worries is choosing the perfect name for your company. A good and memorable name will surely attract and retain your company in the market, so a creative and easy to remember name will be the best for your business. However, some people try to perpetuate their companies and choose some pretty bizarre yet hilarious names, all of which are guaranteed to give us a giggle. Here is a selection of 18 funny businesses with absolutely ridiculous names. Enjoy!

#1 YahPoo!

Inspired by the name of the web page Yahoo, this company guarantees to be the right choice when you desperately need someone to check your plumbing system.



We don’t know how someone can relate a law firm to the word ‘MILF’, but yep – a guy genuinely did this. He’s probably a huge fan of the “American Pie” movie franchise and bases his life on being Stifler.


#3 Jurassic Pork

This one is probably our favorite! What a good name for a burger trailer that specializes in pork. It’s pretty clear that pigs and dinosaurs don’t have an awful lot in common, but the name is definitely catchy.


#4 Flush Gordon

Inspired by the infamous 1980 British sci-fi action movie, “Flash Gordon”, this company is competing hard with YahPoo! to help you fix your pipes.


#5 Attitude Adjustment Shoppe

A social lubricant is any beverage, drug or activity that helps people feel more comfortable in social situations, and the shop below specializes in it. If you need more attitude, just head here and choose your drink!


#6 Florist Gump

“Forrest Gump” was a huge success in box offices all around the world, and this florist company decided to use this success to make a pun in their name. Run, Florist, Run!


#7 Lawn & Order

“Law & Order” is a police procedural and legal drama television series that was a huge success in the 90’s and 2000’s, and now, if your house and/or garden needs any kind of maintenance, just call “Lawn & Order” to help you with your problems and get some order into your residence.


#8 Tequila Mockingbird

Here’s yet another pun made by some very creative minds. “Tequila Mockingbird” was inspired by the 1960 novel by Harper Lee which won a Pulitzer price. It was called “To Kill A Mockingbird”. Geddit?!


#9 Herpes Pizza

This name could be funny, but it’s definitely not a good name for a pizzeria. The least we expect from a food company is a clean-sounding name and a good reputation.


#10 Double Shot

No one in their right mind would relate a gun house to a liquor store – it’s two totally different things that definitely can’t walk together. But, if you think it’s fine to swig a shot of tequila and shoot a rifle, here’s the perfect place for you!


#11 I’ll Cut You

This looks like some kind of haunted house, especially with this scary and crazy name on the sign. But don’t worry – all they want to do is cut your hair!


#12 Deja Brew

Did you ever have déjà vu?! If not, just head to this beer store, purchase some of their stock, and soon enough, you’ll be drunk enough to have a lot of déjà vu!


#13 Planet Of The Grapes

Inspired by the amazing science fiction movie “Planet Of The Apes”, this wine store can guarantee not only a creative and funny name, but all the good wines in the world.


#14 The Codfather

What a nice name for a fish & chips restaurant! Cod is a type of fish that is very often used in this typical British meal, and this restaurant found a very creative and funny way to advertise their place… or “plaice”, should we say!


#15 The Lazy Bastards

We really can’t decide if this is a very polite way to offer your company’s services, but sometimes, a bit of aggressive marketing works very well.


#16 Stupid Prices

The owner of this place probably wants to get everyone’s attention about their good and “stupid” prices – and he did a good job, because he definitely convinced us. Not to go there, of course!


#17 Surelock Homes

This one is amazing. Inspired by the name of one of the most famous detectives, Sherlock Holmes, this company can guarantee your house will be safe – even Sherlock himself won’t be able to get in!


#18 S.H.I.T.

This one reminds us of our article showing some of the funniest and most bizarre hotel names, and once again, here’s yet another tragic name for a hotel.