18 Celebrities Who Were Born In The Same Year And You Didn’t Know


It’s crazy how some people in this world never seem to grow old, whereas others change a lot as the years go by. And, contrary to popular belief, famous people are no different. In fact, it’s pretty unbelievable that some of them were born in the same year, considering just how different they look from one another. The truth is that the secrets behind the youthful appearance of some celebrities remain a mystery. Here is a special selection of 18 celebrities who were born in the same year, and you didn’t know. Enjoy!

#1 Chris Evans and Elijah Wood, 34 Years Old

Can you believe that Chris Evans and Elijah Wood were born in the same year?! Both actors were born in 1981, Chris in June, and Elijah Wood in January, which makes Elijah Wood a few months older than Chris. But he still looks so young!


#2 Brad Pitt And Quentin Tarantino, 52 Years Old

We bet you guys thought Quentin Tarantino was way older than Brad Pitt, but both were born in 1963. Tarantino entered the world in March, and Mr. Pitt arrived a few months later, in December. This one is pretty crazy!


#3 Thomas Sangster And Jennifer Lawrence, 25 Years Old

Sangster (a British actor) and Lawrence were born in the same year, 1990. Sangster was born in May, and the star of “The Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence, in August, meaning she’s a month away from being 25.


#4 Katie Middleton And Nicki Minaj, 33 Years Old

11 months separates the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and the pop singer Nicki Minaj. The lovely Kate was born in January of 1982 and Minaj in December of 1982.


#5 Martin Freeman And Jared Leto, 43 Years Old

This one is really impressive. Seriously, does anyone know Jared Leto’s secret?! Because we certainly can’t figure it out. Martin Freeman was born in September 1971, and Jared Leto in December of the same year. Crazy!


#6 Jim Parsons And Andrew Lincoln, 42 Years Old

Jim Parsons and Andrew Lincoln were born in 1973, but Jim in March, and Andrew Lincoln in September. It’s crazy how Andrew looks so much older than Jim.


#7 Halle Berry And Robin Wright, 49 Years Old

If you look at these two pictures below, you’ll assume that Robin is a lot older than Halle Berry, simply because she looks so young. But, Robin was born in April 1966, and Halle in August of the same year. Spooky!


#8 The Olsen Twins And Lady Gaga, 29 Years Old

The Olsen twins appear so much younger than Lady Gaga, but they were born in the same year as her – 1986. The twins were born in June, and the controversial popstar in March.


#9 Mariah Carey And Queen Latifah, 45 Years Old

The diva Mariah Carey and the american actress Queen Latifah were born in the year and in the same month, March of 1970.


#10 Keanu Reeves And Nicolas Cage, 51 Years Old

Perhaps you won’t believe this, but Keanu Reeves is actually 51 years old, the same age as Nicholas Cage. They were both born in the year 1964 – Cage in January, and Reeves in September.


#11 Chuck Norris And Michael Gambon, 75 Years Old

We all know that the legend Chuck Norris is not from this world, and here’s another proof. Looking at the pictures below, which one do you think is older?! It’s pretty obvious what your answer will be. Believe it or not, Chuck Norris is older than Michael. Norris was born in March of 1940, and Michael in October of the same year. Whoa!


#12 George RR Martin and Samuel L. Jackson, 66 Years Old

George RR Martin and Samuel L. Jackson were born in the same year, 1948. Martin was born in September, and Jackson in December. Looking at the pictures below, it seems those two months made one hell of a difference…


#13 Nikolaj Coster Waldau And Nick Offerman, 45 Years Old

Nikolaj Coster was born in July 1970, whereas the American actor and comedian Nick Offerman was born in June. Looking at the pictures below, it seems that Offerman was born years before Coster!


#14 Courtney Love And Courteney Cox, 51 Years Old

It’s not only the first name that these two celebrities have in common. In fact, they were also born in the same year, 1970. The star of “Friends”, Courteney Cox, was born in June, whereas the notorious Courtney Love was born a month later.


#15 Alec Baldwin And Ice-T, 57 Years Old

Just one month separates the American actor Alec Baldwin from the rapper Ice-T. Alec was born in April, and Ice-T in February. Is it just us, or does Alec seem a lot older than Ice-T?!


#16 Andrew Garfield And Jonah Hill, 31 Years Old

Both actors don’t look that old, but they are actually 31 years old. The half-American, half-British actor was born in August 1983, whereas funnyman Jonah Hill was born in December.


#17 Michael Cera And Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson, 27 Years Old

The actor Michael Cera clearly shares the ‘secret of youth’ with Jared Leto, because he looks a lot younger than the strong Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson. But, believe it or not, Cera was born in June, and Hafthór in November.


#18 Pierce Brosnan And Hulk Hogan, 62 Years Old

It’s not surprising that these two iconic personalities are the age they are, but one thing’s for sure: they definitely look younger than 62. Pierce is a little older – he was born in May, and Hogan was born in August.