18 Celebrities Who Were Born In The Same Year And You Didn’t Know


It’s crazy how some people in this world never seem to grow old, whereas others change a lot as the years go by. And, contrary to popular belief, famous people are no different. In fact, it’s pretty unbelievable that some of them were born in the same year, considering just how different they look from one another. The truth is that the secrets behind the youthful appearance of some celebrities remain a mystery. Here is a special selection of 18 celebrities who were born in the same year, and you didn’t know. Enjoy!

#1 Chris Evans and Elijah Wood, 34 Years Old

Can you believe that Chris Evans and Elijah Wood were born in the same year?! Both actors were born in 1981, Chris in June, and Elijah Wood in January, which makes Elijah Wood a few months older than Chris. But he still looks so young!