18 Creative & Arty Cartoon Bomb Drawings That Will Leave You Amazed


Cartoon bombing is a series of smart and very creative drawings created by the extremely talented French illustrator, Troqman. What’s crazy is that these amazing illustrations only make sense when placed in specific locations and/or scenarios, in which they really have the chance to come to life. After checking out these awesome pictures below, you’ll be jumping right on board, and trying your hand at a spot of cartoon bombing, Trogman style. Take it from us, though… you probably won’t be half as good as he is. Here’s 18 of the very best illustrations, all of which were created by this talented artist. We hope you enjoy!

#1 The Selfie

We all know that ‘selfies’ have taken the world by storm – each day, millions of people around the world share their self-taken picture to social media in the hope of a like or fifty, or more if they’re artistic and creative. Here’s a unique selfie below that we definitely don’t see every day. Something’s definitely a little different here…