18 Creative Baby Announcements You’ll Love


Having a baby is a big deal and telling people you are pregnant can be really exciting. However, it’s not something you are going to want to just announce in a basic way. A baby announcement is something that should be clever and well thought out. Here are 18 creative baby announcements you’ll love that can help you to announce your own pregnancy or make you want to have another child.



One clever way to announce your pregnancy is with an an eviction notice for your current child. You can place a notice on the crib, with your due date as the eviction date and a photo of the new tenant who will be taking over the crib. While this is creative, we’re sure the first baby isn’t going to be too thrilled.




If you like video games and you are looking for a clever way to announce your pregnancy, you can dress your first child up like Mario to be “player 1” and you can have an additional space created for “player 2”, along with your due date.