18 Creative Decoration Ideas That Will Bring Summertime Into Your Bedroom


Finally, after what seems like years, summer is on its way! This awesome season is perfect for planning trips, drinking outdoors with our friends, enjoying time on the beach, and starting new romances. You probably can’t wait for summer, right?! So, what better way to prepare for the heat than creating pleasant decoration in your bedroom?! Yep – why not demonstrate the colors and landscapes of summer in the comfort of your own home? If we haven’t got you convinced just yet, check out our special selection of 18 creative decoration ideas that will bring summertime to your very own bedroom. Enjoy!

#1 Tropical View

This is a simple room and isn’t very big, but one thing’s for sure – it definitely expresses the bright and beautiful colors of summer, and has an awesome vibe about it. We love the touches of yellow and blue and the beach scene on the wall.


#2 Aquamarine

We love this room! This is the perfect space for a little boy. The pretty blue shade on the wall and the nautical accessories, as well as the ship-shaped bed (literally!) will definitely bring good dreams.


#3 Tropical Jungle

Another great shade that symbolizes summer very well is green. Not only does it look awesome, but many interior design experts claim that the color green inside the home can help you to relax, as well as enhancing your good mood.


#4 The Old Lighthouse

This creative bedroom below was clearly inspired by a lighthouse, as we can see from the ceiling design. Combined with ocean-themed portraits and stunning views, this bedroom is pretty much perfect for any teenage boy.


#5 Classic Summer Style

In the room below, the decorator didn’t use any blue shades or other colors related to summer, but the details on the wall like the surfboard definitely harmonizes the environment well. We really like this one!


#6 Aloha!

And how about this amazing and creative interior design idea for a little girl’s bedroom?! The light colors, bright accessories and awesome scene on the wall completely transforms this regular bedroom into a summer paradise.


#7 The Ocean Room

Blue, the color that symbolizes the ocean, is one of the most perfect shades to represent summer as a whole, and when used in the home, it provides a calming, soothing and comfortable atmosphere.


#8 Modern Summer

And how about this amazing summery room for brothers to share? They’ll definitely love the creative decoration inspired by Hawaii, and this awesome balcony above their beds. It looks pretty expensive, but we bet it’s definitely worth it!


#9 Soft Blue

Another positive point about the color blue, according to specialists, is that, not only does it have the ability to keep you calm, but it can also bring a new energy into the room. This bedroom below is ideal for two boys, or as a guest bedroom.


#10 Vibrant Colors

Here’s a good idea for a girl’s bedroom that has a perfect mixture of colors that represent summertime incredibly well. Note that although the room isn’t big, everything fits very well. This is yet another proof that a room doesn’t have to be huge to look good!


#11 Sea Breeze

Here’s another overdose of blue that, once again, gives us a very relaxing, pleasant and comfortable vibe. The decoration and combination of shades totally completes the environment.


#12 Classical Summer For Kids

This reminds us of a room inside an English country house, and is a great idea if your kids want a bedroom with a classic summer atmosphere. With soft colors on the wall and simple yet stunning decoration, this is perfect for both girls and boys.


#13 Surf House

With a palm tree painted onto the wall, surf-themed accessories and decoration, a wooden closet and pretty boat ornaments, this comfortable-looking bedroom is the perfect example of summer style within the home.


#14 Beach Room

Many people might not like this so much – but how do you guys feel about a room that makes you feel as if you’re sleeping on the beach?! With this big and colorful beach umbrella and the paintings on the wall, it definitely won’t be difficult to feel like you’re sunbathing instead of sleeping.


#15 Blue Vibes

If you have a young child and an extremely small living space, here’s the perfect example of how to make the most out of your small house or apartment and still give your kid an awesome sanctuary to spend his or her time. Stunning!


#16 Colorful Sanctuary

If your child has a large bedroom, you’ll know all too well that it can be pretty difficult to make the decor really stand out, simply because of the room’s size. However, the picture below gives us some good ideas – note the vibrant colors on the walls and colorful accessories. Artistic stuff!


#17 White And Blue

Here’s another good example of a summery bedroom in which the colors match together very well. In the example below, the white and blue shades go together awesomely. The accessories in the room definitely make it complete!


#18 Under The Sea

Here’s a good example of well refined summer-themed decoration. Check out the beautiful chandelier, the extravagant bed and the bright shade of blue on the walls and ceiling. It would almost give us the impression that we were literally under the sea. Wow!