18 Dads Who Know Exactly How To Be A Super-Dad


We know it’s not easy to be a dad. We’ve already shared many articles with you that discuss the difficulties of being a father, especially when you’re totally new to it. There’s lots of lessons to learn, but some Dads just nail it completely – they know exactly how to make their children feel happy, entertained, and loved. Whether it’s showing their kids the world, reading to them, or using their energetic imagination to make up awesome games for them to play together, there are thousands of ways to be a good Dad. Here’s an amazing selection of the 18 best Dads, all of whom have exactly what it takes to become a Super Dad. Enjoy!

#1 Reading On The Subway

It’s always pretty dull to sit through a long journey on the subway. Some people sleep, others listen to music, and a few people read to make the time pass faster. This amazing Dad below is different. Instead of reading to himself, he’s reading to his daughter. A perfect example of humanity. Why waste even a minute, right?


#2 Tea With The Ladies

Yep, you guessed it – it’s tea time! It may not be England, but why should that change anything? It’s good to see a father stopping for a few minutes to drink a cup of tea with his lovely little daughter and her entourage.


#3 Nailed It!

This one is probably our favourite. Check out this hilarious Dad playing his video game with sheer concentration, not even caring that his young daughter is painting his toenails in various shades of pink and purple. He should think himself lucky for getting such a makeover! Well done, little girl.


#4 Little Red Riding Hood And The Wolf

This hilarious Dad with the big beard looks great in his costume of the “underground” version of Little Red Riding Hood. And what better idea is there than dressing your son as the infamous big, bad wolf? This is an excellent idea for a costume.


#5 Changes

When you become a father for the first time, a lot changes in your life. This sometimes includes unexpected things, like your style. Okay, so you don’t have to go to extremes like this Daddy below, who wanted so desperately to match with his daughter. But, we’ve gotta hand it to him – it’s pretty hilarious.


#6 The Incredible Hulk

Okay, so this Daddy isn’t green and barely the strongest man in the world, but when there’s little kids at home, it’s necessary to make exceptions to your usual exercise routine. At least there’s a positive side – he doesn’t need to pay silly prices for a gym membership every month!


#7 Like Father, Like Son

Our kids will always get their inspiration from us. The things we do and the things we like will have an effect on them, too. That’s exactly why we need to make sure we always set a good example for them – it’s the best way to ensure they’ll grow up as a good human being.


#8 The Flight

Kids are hyperactive, which means that the cabin of an aeroplane on a long flight isn’t exactly the best place for them. Sitting in the same seat for hours upon hours must be highly boring for them, so it’s vital for parents to do whatever they can just to keep them in a good mood. That’s what this amazing Dad below is doing. We just hope it’s not a 12 hour flight!


#9 Super Dad And Wonder Daughter

Here’s an awesome picture of Super Dad in action, with his partner in crime, his amazing Wonder Daughter. Love wins the battle, always.


#10 The Gaming Sessions

It’s not easy to have two small children at home, who love to run, jump, and paint the walls. That’s why, sometimes, video games are a great alternative for children’s entertainment. The bonus? It relaxes and transfixes them at the same time! But, in the case below, it can’t be very relaxing for the Dad.


#11 Dad Is A Highway

Kids have no limits when it comes to being creative and imaginative with their toys and games, and below is the perfect example of this. Unfortunately, Daddy is learning this fact of life in the worst possible way. He’s not a human any more… he’s just a highway.


#12 Gym Time

We’ve already mentioned that it’s essential to set a good example for our children through our attitudes and behaviour, and that’s exactly what this Super Dad is doing below with his. It’s vital to teach children the importance of being healthy and keeping fit.


#13 Time To Take Care Of Your Face

If we thought boys were bad when they decided their Dad was now a highway, here’s the evidence that girls aren’t perfect, either. This adorable little darling used her Dad as a blank canvas, and went crazy with colour. At least she isn’t painting the walls, instead.


#14 Keep Them Entertained

Here’s the secret of having peace and quiet when you have kids – helping them waste their bounding energy by having fun with them, in every way possible. An outdoor activity, like this unique one below, is guaranteed to keep them entertained.


#15 The King

If you thought two kids were enough to keep your stress levels and responsibilities pretty high, imagine three. That’s exactly why this Dad below is a complete genius – he found the ideal way to keep his children busy. Don’t you think this is the perfect punishment?


#16 Invention Of Love

Being a Dad means you have to be a little bit of everything – a doctor, chef, teacher, taxi driver cleaner, and sometimes even an inventor, like this one below. Trust us, if you have an energetic imagination, your days as a father will be much easier and more fun, too.


#17 Weight On Your Shoulder

Some folks claim that becoming a Dad strips you of all your hobbies and activities that you once enjoyed doing, but this isn’t necessarily true. With just a hint of creativity and the ability to multi-task (for few and far beyond), you can do everything at the same time!


#18 Being A Dad Is Forever

Don’t assume you only have to be a Dad when your child is growing up, because that’s far from the truth. Being a father is a mission that lasts forever, and the more time passes, the more “heavier” your problems get. Take this example below… So determined just to continue that Christmas tradition, but so lovely, too.