18 Dads Who Know Exactly How To Be A Super-Dad


We know it’s not easy to be a dad. We’ve already shared many articles with you that discuss the difficulties of being a father, especially when you’re totally new to it. There’s lots of lessons to learn, but some Dads just nail it completely – they know exactly how to make their children feel happy, entertained, and loved. Whether it’s showing their kids the world, reading to them, or using their energetic imagination to make up awesome games for them to play together, there are thousands of ways to be a good Dad. Here’s an amazing selection of the 18 best Dads, all of whom have exactly what it takes to become a Super Dad. Enjoy!

#1 Reading On The Subway

It’s always pretty dull to sit through a long journey on the subway. Some people sleep, others listen to music, and a few people read to make the time pass faster. This amazing Dad below is different. Instead of reading to himself, he’s reading to his daughter. A perfect example of humanity. Why waste even a minute, right?