18 Dogs That Don’t Know How To Play Hide & Seek


We’ve already proved to you many facts of life about our precious pets on BoredBug, as you’ll see in the “Pets & Wildlife” section. We all know that cats are mysterious little creatures, and it wouldn’t surprise us if they actually took over the world one day. However, we can’t say the same thing about dogs. They just don’t have the same sense as cats, and the way they attempt to conceal themselves from us is painfully hilarious. Here’s a selection of 18 dogs that definitely don’t know how to play Hide & Seek. Enjoy!

#1 Behind The Curtains

Okay, so we hate to admit it, but dogs just don’t know how to be ninjas like cats do. They think hiding behind the curtain will conceal them completely, but they never quite think it through first. Dogs aren’t the best players in the world of Hide & Seek, let’s just put it that way.


#2 Behind The Toilet Paper

This German Shepherd below clearly doesn’t know how big he is, and for this reason, he thinks he can get away with hiding behind a thin strip of toilet paper. Nice try, buddy… but we can still see you.


#3 Inside The Sofa

Okay, so this little guy appears to be a little smarter than the dogs above. He found a really good place to hide – definitely not as comfortable as behind the curtains, but not as stupid as behind a thin strip of toilet paper. Well done, boy!


#4 We Can See You

This gorgeous doggy below isn’t trying to dress up as a ghost, he’s just trying to hide… albeit not very successfully. A few more practices, and you’ll be good to go. Better luck next time!


#5 We Can See You Two

These dogs genuinely believe that nobody can see them while they’re hiding like this. They’re probably saying to each other in their own secret language, “Nobody will ever find us.” But, as you can see, they were wrong. You’ll need to find a better hiding place next time, guys!


#6 The Adorable Player

This might just be the most adorable Hide & Seek player we’ve ever seen. Who cares if this fluffy little guy didn’t find the best place to hide? All we can do is smile sweetly to ourselves and say “Awww, he’s so cute!”. Let’s just pretend he played the game well.


#7 The Camouflage

This big-eyed buddy found a place to hide underneath this dog cuddly toy, trying his hand at the classic ‘camouflage’ technique. We appreciate your efforts, but you’ll have to try a little harder next time!


#8 Behind The Chair

It’s yet another lovely little creature who couldn’t find the best place to hide, so just did what he could and hoped for the best. It’s okay, we forgive you… you’re probably really cute, anyways.


#9 The Big Chap

This one is pretty funny. This big chap found his own way to hide – he probably thought if he kept only his head concealed, he would never be found. Um, WRONG. You’ll have to hide more than just your head if you want to get good at this game, dude.


#10 Big Tongue

This gorgeous Golden Retriever can’t help but let his big tongue wag out of his mouth – not because he’s making any noise, but because it’s too damn big to stay in there! Sorry, honey, but it means that finding you in a game of Hide & Seek is pretty easy.


#11 In Between The Sofa

We’ll admit that this is really cute, but it’s just another dog who thinks he’s still a puppy. He definitely hasn’t realized yet just how huge he is, and how easy it is for us humans to find him in his ‘secret hiding place’.


#12 The Dark Disguise

Here’s one big doggy who has perfected the art of camouflage. His dark fur against the dark mat looks very good indeed, and we even had trouble spotting him for a second. However, it doesn’t take long to figure out what he’s doing. Better find somewhere else!


#13 Big Nose

Just like the Golden Retriever with the big tongue above, here’s another ‘dog problem’ in which a part of their body makes it virtually impossible for them to hide successfully. Of course, his nose isn’t the problem below… maybe something other than a transparent curtain would’ve been a wiser choice, Mr.