18 Dumb People Who Mistook Random Strangers For Famous Celebs


We’d all love to take a picture with our favorite celebrity, right? Some people go to a lot of crazy measures just to get one, like going to the same places they go, sleeping in front of hotels, spending all day and night waiting in airports… and that’s only a few things. Others just have the power to be in the right place at the right time, although not everyone can always be sure that they’re taking a picture with a genuine celebrity. First, because lookalikes enjoy creating this confusion in the fans, and second, because they’re pranking experts. Here’s a selection of 18 people who thought they were taking a picture with a celebrity, but were more wrong about the situation than ever.

 #1 Jake Gyllenhaal

No, buddy, you didn’t meet Jake Gyllenhaal last night. But let’s be honest, we can’t really blame him. This guy does look pretty similar to the real thing.